Top Diet Trend In 2020


Top Diet Trend In 2020

Today being the first day of another new year, we at Indian Weight Loss Blog aka ‘Fitnessvsweightloss’ wish everyone reading this a very happy and healthy new year 2020.

Let us make a wish for you

‘May you work hard to make all your dreams true….

…….and be consistent till you reach your goal.

May you also keep working on yourself each and every day……

………so as to maintain your achieved goals……

Wait a minute…that is a really long and unending wish for 2020 and the rest of your lives. Isn’t it!

Don’t you think, this is what we all had been doing every year. Making wishes, setting goals, working hard to achieve them and then struggle to stay where we reached! It is high time we rewrite our stories. let us talk about our health now. Most of us are struggling with our weight and fitness goals. We play this game of diet, workout and then give up mid way; get frustrated at our failure and lack of will power, feel sadness coming along with anger at ourselves and then finally get back to the point where we started. Believe me this is the story, none of us would like to repeat this year. So here I have a plan to make life easier and healthier for all of us here.

Easiest and top diet trend of 2020

I had been going through the hot diet trends like Microbiome Diet,  Intuitive way of dieting, Detox Diet and Ketogenic Diet etc. Following everything personally I conclude that all of us need a sustainable food system to work for us without any fuss or struggle. So now this year I have a personal plan in place and here I am to share it with you.

A sustainable diet trend for 2020

Diet Trend In 2020

  • Begin your day with water: Yes that is a constant in all trending ways of eating for good health.

  • Consume a handful of nuts and dry fruits with one dairy / non dairy option for breakfast.
  • Take a small meal break in between breakfast and lunch. Enjoy any citrus fruit.
  • Lunch needs to be big on lentils, veggies, chutney and salad. Use boiled lentils as salad if you wish to.
  • Tea break can see you having digestive biscuits / salted peanuts / a khakhra / a small bowl of bhel etc. Aim is to get that feeling of satiation for taste buds.
  • Before dinner you can have a bowl of soup if you wish to or if you love going to kitchen repeatedly.
  • Dinner can be a bowl of dal, sabzi cooked at home with some carrots.
  • End the day with a cup of hot turmeric milk during winters before bed.

Diet Trend In 2020

Well I am sure most of you must be thinking how can this be called a sustainable diet! I say, it is since……

  • You don’t have to think of cooking anything special for yourself since you are on a “DIET”.
  • You are eating whatever regular food is being cooked at home for everyone since we Indians cook fresh daily.

What is special about this diet…

  • This is a no-fuss diet.
  • It is gluten free.
  • It includes portions of vegetables, fruits, nuts and dry fruits too.
  • This diet will take care of your taste buds and cravings too.
  • It includes good fats and all unhealthy carbs.

So that was my take on Diet Trend In 2020, how about you? Share your diet trend too.

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