Top Exercises To Lose Weight


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How are you doing ? Somehow it’s becoming difficult for me to write posts nowadays. There are so many requests coming from the readers that I keep aside the posts that I plan and work on the queries that come in. Keep them coming πŸ™‚ !

One of you said that Gymn is boring and asked what are the alternatives. I realized that there are a lot of options to exercise and lose weight if you don’t like going to gymn.

So, in the series – Top Exercises To Lose Weight, I will keep sharing various activities that can help you lose weight without getting bored.

Here we go –

Step Aerobics

Calories Burnt: 800 calories/hr

Top Exercises To Lose Weight step aerobics

Step Aerobics is a lower body workout. This means the target areas are legs and hips.Generally , all good gymns do have step aerobics classes at a pre-decided time. Otherwise you can join an aerobics center. Step aerobics are great to tone lower body. I find it difficult to do it for 1 hour at a stretch. Its better to start with half an hour and gradually increasing it by 5 minutes until you hit an hour. I can bet 15 days are sufficient for you to notice the change.


Calories burned per hour: 500 calories/hour

Top Exercises To Lose Weight zumba

This is Fun + Workout. Zumba is too exhaustive, requires great energy levels.


Calories Burnt: 400 – 1000 calories/hr

Top Exercises To Lose Weight bicycling

The calories burnt during bicycling depends on your speed. You can go upto 1000 calories an hour. Bicycling outdoors is a good workout with fresh air. In case you do not wish your neighbours to see you working out πŸ˜› , you can invest in a good bicycle exercise machine. Then, you can workout even while watching your favorite daily soap. By the way, what is your favorite daily soap πŸ˜› ? Okay, enough blabbering !


Calories Burnt: 360 cals/hr

Top Exercises To Lose Weight walking

We are born to walk. We walk all the time except when we are sleeping or glued to our laptops. This is the easiest exercise. Brisk walk is a wonderful cardio for legs, tummy and hips. If you sprint or walk on inclined surface, you will burn all the more calories.


Calories Burnt: 800 cals/hr

Top Exercises To Lose Weight swimming

Swimming is my favorite exercise to lose weight during summers. I just love water πŸ™‚ . Its a full body workout and you need not worry whether your arms are getting toned or not, whether your tummy is getting shrinked or not !

Cleaning the house

Calories burned per hour: 200 cal/hour

This is the most boring exercise and I absolutely hate it :P. I read somewhere that if you clean your house with vaccum or do Jhaadu pocha :P, you can burn upto 200 calories an hour.

Which one is your favorite from these Top Exercises To Lose Weight ?

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  1. This is an extremely late comment, I apologise but I’m going through all the articles on weightloss blog now, can anyone pls pls pls post a link of a good zumba workout DVD (available in india alone, I can’t get it from or ebay) or a link to a good zumba workout video?? I desperately need it! (hope someone sees this comment after all this time!)


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