Top Fitness And Toning Tips For Groom To Be


Top Fitness And Toning Tips For Groom To Be

“Hello, How Are, khaana kha ke jaana” ….. No, am not going to talk about Hansi Ben here, but let her types not bring on more weight than what you can manage. Before the big day arrives, you need to tone-up (even though your wife-to-be loves you just the way you are).

Now boys and men (anyone yoooohoo), before promising your wife-to-be the stars and the moon, and taking those vows – what about chanting the ‘fitness vows’ first; you still have time to get that extra-flab away!


Like Seriously, Fitting Into That Sherwani Is No Joke

With plenty of adorations; your shaadi (marriage) day would be your day of stealing thunder; unless of course your spouse-to-be has a band of ‘gal-pals’ ready to take your trip. Jokes apart, let’s fix up a nice plan for you to shed those extra-kilos, shall we?

Remember how you watched your maasa, tau, uncles, aunties, tais, bais, ben’s and the whole generation of ‘now-wise-old-elders’ turning round and chubby, post marriage? You don’t want that happening to you, right?

The few ‘blissful years’ of wedded bliss is when the whirlwind romance happens, and unfortunately, the wife believes (her family too) that your stomach indeed is the way to your HEART!

sherwani 1

Want to look like him? Nah! Here’s a plan for you;

6 months to start

To lose those extras, you need to start out early! This should be done six months before the wedding day. Get in touch with a certified dietitian close to where you live and work; let them analyse your needs, your diet habits and allow them to offer their ‘solicited’ advice. While doing that, also speak to a certified trainer – should you wish to hit the gym and pump iron for those abs and pecs *wink*

Rise and shine while the roosters call

How else do you think our grandparents lived so long? They woke up early, went for their walks, did a little Yoga and breathing, meditation included. Some of my friends went for aerobic classes, no matter how hectic their lifestyles were – and on the D-Day, my pumpkin monsters were roaring lean machines, doing the saat pheras.

Stay away from fad diets

They didn’t work wonders for anyone till date; and false promises galore. What you would end up looking as on the wedding day – dull, dry, dead and very worn out too. That’s not what you want in your wedding album, do you?

Healthy small meals

5 very small meals, with loads of water and in a small plate (half the size of your regular serving plate), should be consumed. Now include plenty of proteins, carbs, juices, oats etc; your dietician would be best to serve up a delight. Fruits and veggies, boiled meat sauted with pepper and chilli flakes – yum and nice!

sherwani 2

Ask beau to be to join in

It is fun having a gym buddy; and as they say, working out together lays the platform and foundation for a ‘happy married life ahead’. The twain shall be in a ‘health-conscious relationship’, cool isn’t it!

Stretch em’ legs and hands

I would certainly ask you to stretch your hands and legs; since most of us sit in front of the computer for long hours these days. It relaxes the muscles, makes them adapt to the workouts and it is good for your sex life too!

Simple Stretches at workFinally, Check our blogs on healthy cooking, there are plenty of recipes which would help. Also join our fitness and weight-loss program; they have helped many, and can help you with delicious meals too – surprise her as well.

Here’s wishing you from the team, a happy WEDDING – forever and ever!

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