Top Fitness And Toning Tips For Indian Brides


Top Fitness And Toning Tips For Indian Brides

This post is meant for beautiful girls – brides to be ! So guys please excuse 😛 .

I received a loooooong email from a Bride to be – who complained of never ending shopping and pre-bridal parlor sessions. She stated that she managed to lose oodles of weight and her hard work is all going in vain because of so much running around and getting no time to sleep or eat well. I promised to help her , so this post is for all brides to be 🙂 !

Top Fitness And Toning Tips For Indian Brides

Top Fitness And Toning Tips For Indian Brides

First of all girls, please understand that  for you to look beautiful, you need to eat clean and sleep snug for 8 hours. Your pre-bridal sessions will definitely for wonders to your skin but not without nutrition that your body needs. When your body heals from inside, you automatically look good ! That’s why people say that the happy people always glow 🙂 . So sleep for 8 hours, keep your beau waiting for you to call back even if your phone is ringing at night 😛

Hence the first step is to make an arrangement to keep sugar and junk at bay. I am not advising to diet but give priority to real food. Have loads of greens, fruits, eggs, fish – anything and everything healthy. Overdose of sugar and junk can give acne and you may lose your sheen even if you have not so oily skin. When you go to market for long parlour sessions or shopping, take snacks with you. Carry a fruit, nuts, or healthy leftovers to ensure you don’t end up at McDonald’s. Fresh juices are also okay if its hot and you have a long walking shopping day ahead !

So breakfast, small snacks every 2-3 hours and early dinner are matras you can’t miss, at any cost !

Do not skip your workout or your runs ! That’s the time you need to be with yourself. With so much going on during the day, give yourself a break and enjoy your workout. If you are into yoga and meditation,  take time to do that.

Virasana(hero pose) jivamukti yoga

Keep yourself hydrated. Water does wonders you can’t imagine. Dehydration lowers your energy and affects your skin. Have coconut water and smoothies. Don’t forget to include antioxidants in smoothies, they are great for immunity , energy and glowing skin too.

Now the tip I never forget to miss – Multivitamins ! Please don’t mess with them, get your hands on multivitamins and supplements for your deficiencies. If you are a vegetarian, please start taking multivitamins whenever your marriage is fixed, in case you don’t consume them regularly.

Lastly, stay happy 🙂 . All what you do to make your Special Day as Beautiful as you want, is worth all the trouble, hustle bustle that you go through in your courtship days. When you are happy, all your efforts will be worth it 😉 !

Hope these tips will help you become fitter and toned up for your special day <3



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