Top Fitness Centers,Health Clubs And Gyms In Mumbai


Top Fitness Centers,Health Clubs And Gyms In Mumbai

Mumbai, the Bollywood city has a lot to offer when it comes to fitness and well being. There are several gyms, spas and wellness centres that aim at providing a world class experience.


Talwalkars Gym

Talwalkars is a huge chain of health centres all over India. They are numbered among the top 3 health clubs in Asia. They have their fitness centres in 75 cities in India. The gyms are spacious enough with plush interiors and have state-of-the art equipments with a certified team of trainers, dieticians and physiotherapists. The facilities offered here include cardio training, aerobics, spinning studio steam/sauna bath, spa, weight training and yoga.

Gold’s Gym

Gold’s gym offers solid fitness facilities. The place is meant for those who take their workout really seriously. It is a chain of seven gyms in the city and it is an international fitness brand. It became popular worldwide by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Facilities include cardio, weight training, spinning,yoga, zumba dance, Pilates and a lot more.

48Fitness –get going

48Fitness -get going is a way of life. Here people are encouraged to make fitness a lifestyle, a part of daily routine. They believe that everybody is different as so are their fitness needs. This makes customization essential. They have the knowledge and experience to provide clients with customized fitness programs that help clients achieve their fitness goals. There is focus on safety and hygiene too. The ambience is electrifying with music to keep you perked up. 48Fitness aims at giving the best health club experience.

5 Fitness Club

5 Fitness club is one amongst the best health clubs in Mumbai. They are having qualified professionals who aim at putting people at the right track in order to help them achieve their fitness goal. The objective is to better the day to day performance of their clients and this is done by boosting all five fitness components, fighting the ageing process and to build lean athlete like bodies. There is a stress on counselling here in order to bust the myths related to fitness. They have a fully functional gym, swimming pool, nutrition counselling service and a massage section.

Body Art

Body art gym Mumbai

Body Art has both a gym and a Pilates hub. The entire place is air conditioned. The gym offers weight training and cardio. It has all the equipments meant for that. Also there are lockers, changing rooms, steam rooms and shower rooms. All in all this place gives a world class experience. The Pilates Hub has all that is required for Pilates. Practising Pilates makes the body slim, firm and shapey. There are treatments for arthritis, knees and the back too.

E gym

Gym Fitness Solutions aims at providing services keeping in mind the ‘no time’ factor. They have plans to help clients achieve their fitness goals systematically. They have a staff of certified personal trainers, yoga instructors, masseurs, aerobics instructors and dieticians. The interiors and ambience of the gym have been designed aesthetically.

Sohum Spa and Wellness Sanctuary

This spa and wellness centre was launched in Mumbai the year it won the award for the best day spa. It is one of the oldest spa in the industry. Their philosophy is ‘prevention is better than cure’. Their treatments are based on this philosophy and hence are holistic in nature.

They have a panel of doctors for their treatments that include Naturopathy,Ayurveda and Homeopathy along with masseurs and spa specialists. It offers a rejuvenating experience. Each and every treatment here begins with a de-stressing foot wash ritual. There are certain points on the neck and head that are massaged in order to healp you relax and ease your tension. After the therapy, guest are offered fresh fruits with a hot beverage.

Mandara Spa

Mandara spa Mumbai

This spa sprawls over an area of 20,000 sq ft. It is one of the largest spas in Asia. The place is calming, soothing and peaceful due to the water bodies and the landscaped gardens. The place has a signature therapy called the Tamarind Body Blast that involves tamarind paste application on the body. This the perfect destination for couples with romance on their minds. There are so many special packages for couples.

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