Top Fitness Centers,Health Clubs And Gyms In Chandigarh


Top Fitness Centers,Health Clubs And Gyms In Chandigarh

Chandigarh, the capital of Punjab and Haryana has several health and fitness destinations. Here is a list of the well known fitness centres and gyms in Chandigarh.

Puneet’s Dance and Fitness Hub

puneet-dance-fitness-hub chandigarh

As soon as you set your foot inside Puneet’s Dance and Fitness Hub you will find a Yoga class being conducted on fun hip-hop beats. This is called Yogahop. The owner of this place is passionate about dance so she happened to fuse dance and workout in order to remove monotony from exercise and do yoga asanas with thumping music! Sounds like fun!

Yogahop claims to increase heart rate and heal the body’s muscles. Along with Yogahop there is bhangra aerobics too that has Punjabi folk rhythms. Even Zumba and Bollywood dancing is taught here. In one class not more than 15 students are enrolled because this place does not want to compromise on quality.

Seven Seas Spa

seven seas chandigarh

This spa offers Ayurveda, western spa therapies, oriental therapies, treatments with dead sea minerals. Traditional massage is done here without any machines. There are in-house experts who recommend spa treatments. A clinical check up is done before starting any spa treatment. The client’s medical history is examined and the required treatments are suggested.

They also have an Oxygym that is well equipped. It offers cardio and weight training under proper supervision of experts. Along with a spa, a gym there is also an aqua pool here. So, there is a huge variety to cater needs of different people.

Energizer Fitness Lounge

Energizer Fitness Lounge is both for men and women. It has well qualified and well experienced nutritionists and dieticians. They help their clients in bidding goodbye to the extra kilos and welcoming a toned body. The main point of attraction here are customized weight loss program for their clients. They are made in such a way that they suit the client’s needs.

Yog Divya Mandir

Daily life can pile on tension and stress that can negatively affect the health of an individual. Yog Divya Mandir is there to solve all stress realted problems. It is a yoga centre that focuses on yoga. This place has skilled trainers and therapists to cater to the needs of clients. It is frequently visited by people suffering from diabetes, heart problems, asthma, high or low blood pressure.

Prime Bodies

Prime bodies is a saloon cum gym. Apart from beauty treatments they have weight loss programs too. Their gym offers weight training, stomach flattening exercises, body toning and body building exercises. They have special personal trainers, nutritionists and dieticians to look after the clients and fulfil their needs.

Ozone3 Fitness ‘N’ Spa

Ozone fitness and spa Chandigarh

Ozone3 Fitness ‘N’ Spa offers weight loss and weight gain programs in their gym. The gym is well equipped for body building, body toning, flattening the stomach etc. Weight training is also done here. Along with these they offer yoga and aerobics classes too. Ozone3 Fitness ‘N’ Spa has become famous because it provides so many services at one place. They have state-of- the- art workout machines and a team of well qualified dieticians and nutritionists. It has a variety of packages to choose from along with a physiotherapy gym for men and women. There is a special package for couples.

Regal Health Club

Regal Health Club is a unisex Health club and weight loss centre that has a lot to offer. It has customised fitness routines and exercises that are designed painstakingly by their experts. Every tiny detail of the client is kept in mind. The gym is well equipped with hi-tech machines and great facilities for the clients. So, if you want to get rid of those embarrassing kilos head to regal health club.

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