Top Five Health Screening For Women Over 40


health screenings over 40

Top Five Health Screening For Women Over 40

Not so very long ago there was a time when women used to consider their own health last priority and there were various reasons for that. Today I am really glad to see so many women taking care of their health by making an effort to control weight, eat healthy and take up various physical activities to feel the best they can. Despite taking care of everything, at times there are certain health issues which pop up unannounced and to be able to be not caught unaware there is one thing that must be taken care of…. Regular Health Check Ups and Screenings. Today, in this post, I am trying to shortlist top five health screenings which every woman over 40 must go through if she wants to lead a healthy life of her dreams.

Heart and Weight Screening

Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, Cholesterol and BMI are the tests which must be done after women turn forty. These are the most important tests which are the indicators of heart and cardiovascular health.

Glucose check is a must especially if you have a family history. All those women who are overweight should get BMI checked and if found to be more than normal range then weight loss strategies should be adopted seriously.

Cancer Screening

breast check

Pap Smear, Ovarian Cancer, Mammogram and Breast Screening after 40 are very important. Keep looking for any symptoms related to Cervical, breast and Ovarian cancer.  Those women who have family history related to these Cancers must be more careful and get screened without fail.

Urine and Bowel Screening

It is very important to go for bladder and bowel health testing especially after 50 as there are chances of kidney related problems and bowel cancer which can be diagnosed in time through proper screening.

Bone Screening for Osteoporosis and Arthritiskanan bone scan

After 40 women are most vulnerable as far as osteoporosis and Rheumatoid Arthritis is concerned. Keeping this in view bone density test cannot be avoided.

 Emotional and Mental Health Screening

This is one screening which has many taboos attached to it. Forties are the time when women are into hormonal chaos which the menopause approaching and sudden failing health is potent enough to make women feel bouts of sadness and depression. Especially in India this is the period when children begin to live their own lives and everyone starts taking you for granted. This is the time when unknowingly women become depressed and that can lead to so many health issues. Ladies, Please take these seriously and look for help around instead of suffering.

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