Top Foods That Build Stamina Of Sportspersons


Top Foods That Build Stamina Of Sportspersons

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In today’s fast paced life you need to be active throughout the day. The need increases manifold if you are into sports. There are healthy foods that can help you build your stamina and increase the levels of your energy, especially if you are into sports. You will need foods that give you energy and keep you full all day long.

football- sports that aid weight loss

Sports enthusiasts need nutrients like complex carbs, fibre, proteins and vitamin C. These will keep you energetic and active all day long.

Complex carbs

Complex carbs cannot be missed out when you talk of stamina building. Carbs are the body’s and brain’s main source of fuel. The body uses carbs to get glucose and provide energy. They keep a person energetic all day.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C helps in strengthening the immune system and protecting yourself from infections that pull you down. As a sportsperson, when you spend time outdoors you are susceptible to infections that can affect your health, you should ensure that you eat fruits and other foods rich in vitamin C.


Protein is an essential nutrient for the development, growth and repair of the body’s muscles and tissues. As the metabolic rate of protein is higher than that of fat, an individual will be able to burn more calories. Proteins also increase satiety and this prevents a person form overeating. Do include healthy sources of protein in your food like fish, eggs, chicken and nuts.


When a person is deficient in iron, he or she can face loss of stamina. You should eat green leafy veggies and ask your doctor if there is a need of consuming iron supplements.

Top Foods that build stamina of sportspersons


rolled oats type

Oats are an unprocessed carb that gets digested slowly and keeps you full for a longer period of time. It is a power-packed cereal that provides sustained energy for a long time period. It has a high complex carb content and it breaks down slowly while keeping the blood sugar at an optimum level.



Beans are rich in mineral and iron and help the body in generating red blood cells that carry O2 to the muscles while you are exercising. It also helps in building stamina.


coffee (1)

Coffee perk you up instantly. It helps fight fatigue and triggers the central nervous system. Coffee keeps you active and energized all day long. Make sure you don’t have coffee late in the evening as it may affect your sleep.

Leafy greens


Leafy green veggies are packed with micronutrients that are needed for building stamina and increasing the count of red blood cells. Being rich in fibre, leafy greens digest slowly and help maintain the level of blood glucose.


bananas_tummy flattening foods

Bananas are a great energy source and consuming it a few hours prior to any kind of exertion is a good idea. Along with being good carb sources, they are effective in triggering the release of dopamine which is a chemical that builds focus and concentration.

Peanut butter

american garden peanut butter india (1)

Peanut butter contains Omega 3 fatty acids. They help in reducing pain, improve heart health and develop the brain. Peanut butter builds stamina. It is high in calories and digests slowly. It would be good to consume peanut butter along with complex carbs.

Fish, chicken, lean meat and eggs

eggs nutritious weight reduce

These are protein rich foods that are essential for the development, growth and repair of the body’s muscles and tissues. Meat takes a longer while in digesting and it keeps you feel full and active for the whole day.

Red grapes

pain killer grapes

Red grapes have ‘resveratol’ in it and it provides energy. Red grapes have very small quantities of sugar that gives instant energy and help build stamina.

Beetroot juice

beetroot-foods that keep your digestive system happy

If you consume the juice of beetroot before exercising, it will help your body work for long hours without getting exhausted. Beetroot is rich in vitamin A and C. Both help in reducing fatigue and building stamina.


Quinoa ancient grain

Quinoa has essential vitamins, minerals, fibre and amino acids in it. It provides instant energy and keeps you active longer. It is easy to cook too! You can make it the way you cook rice in a span of 10 minutes.

So are you going to include the above foods in your diet to build stamina?

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