Top Four Weight loss Motivational Books


top motivational booksTop Four Weight loss Motivational Books

 Since we are here it’s very easy to judge that every one of you loves to read. I am a bookworm by nature and find solitude in the books I purchase, the smell of new pages, the crisp sound , et al. Buying books comes naturally, so since I write a lot about my passion for weight loss and fitness let me talk about my reading passion and how it contributed towards my lose weight.

Being an avid reader I have read some really interesting books on weight loss too, and if you are new to the weight loss game I will help you out with some self-help on the way! Here are my top four must buy weight loss self-help books:

  1. Don’t lose mind, lose your weight : ( Rujuta Diwekar)

Book Review Don’t lose your mind Lose your weight by Rujuta DiwekarNow who doesn’t know this person??! Our very own Bollywood dietician, made famous by Kareena Kapoor with her size zero, Tashan. She just launched this book and the whole female population went crazy, I being one of them! This book explains the basic principles of food and how it affects our body. The book will give you an insight into what you put into your body and what exactly does diet mean. It just made me rethink quite a few things regarding food and diet. I guess this was the first dietician who allowed her clients to eat what they like but just follow the four basic principles she has laid down, one of them is Breakfast is important. So you can even have a samosa during your diet, but have it as the breakfast. Isn’t that so cool?! Go for this read when you want to start a new diet regime and just need some seriously good advice. By the way, my aunt followed Rujuta’s diet ideals mentioned in the book and lost a good 5kgs in a month! So now you know am not kidding.

  1. Women and the weight loss tamasha: (Rujuta Diwekar)

women and the weight loss tamashaThe same author came back with another book after an overwhelming response on her first book which I mentioned earlier. This one is especially for women coz we stress it out when it comes to weight. Men don’t take weight loss as seriously and thanks to their DNA, they don’t store much fat either, lucky buggers… In this book you would find that Rujuta tells us how women think more about eating right/wrong and how the many problems we face while losing weight is made easy. It also looks into the various weight related problems like PCOD and Thyroid and also offers some useful suggestions for the same. For women this book is a boon, it explains us and our body to the T. Take my advice, make this your bible girls! It’s worth every detail you will get about yourself.

  1. Confessions of a serial dieter: ( Kalli Puri)

Book ReviewConfessions Of A Serial Dieter By Kalli Purie (1)Oh my God!!! How I just adore this book!! This book is like my very own diary. So, Kalli puri the writer of this book has always been a fat kid and this books takes you through the various stages of her life, her weightloss/gain journey and exercise routines. It describes what every fat person feels at every stage of their life (At least am of the opinion it does, I just said it’s like my very own diary!).

The layout is good for easy read too with animation in-between, it’s just downright cute! Please buy this one just to get into the mind of fat people and also to get the motivation to never lose your spirit on the way! Read a detailed review here.

  1. From XL To XS : (Payal Gidwani)

xl to xsNow this book is not a diet book like the earlier three, but a yoga book. Payal Gidwani is again our very own Bollywood yoga trainer. Yea, Kareena Kapoor too. This book is good for the people who prefer yoga and want to do it in the comforts of home. It gives you exercises and the benefits. It also gives you a personal account of her clients and they are divided into different age groups, different health issues etc. Also it has celebrity exercise schedule. Did you know Kareena does 108 Suryanamaskars per day? Is tough? Hell Yea, I can’t go beyond 50, even that takes around 50 minutes. Go for this book to introduce yoga into your regime, it’s really worth it and has detailed explanation of how to perform the asana. Oh yes, it also has workout pics of a few celebs!

These were my top 4 picks of the many books I have read. Rujuta Diwekar launched a new book which is still pending, hopefully before 2014 ends I will read that one. Hope you read these books and get inspired like I do every time I read them.

Hope you have a good week, this is Pooja J

How many of these top four weight loss motivational books have you read?

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