Top Health And Weight Loss Benefits Of Drumstick


Top Health And Weight Loss Benefits Of Drumstick

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Have you ever heard of drumstick? It is a very common veggie in southern parts of India. This post aims at discussing the health and weight loss benefits offered by the drumstick pods and leaves. The drumstick tree is called Moringa oleifera botanically. It is commonly also called the horseradish tree. This tree is native to India and the Himalayas. Every part of this tree is edible. The immature seed pods are called drumstick because they are long and slender. In India, the immature pod or drumstick is eaten with lot of gusto owing to the health benefits it has to offer. They are made as a side dish or added to South Indian dishes like sambar.

drumsticks for lowering high blood pressure

Health benefits of drumsticks

Beats cold and flu

Drumsticks have lots of vitamin C and this helps in combating cold, flu and sore throat. Having drumstick soup when you are down with flu or just plain cold is beneficial.

Blood purifying

Both the pods and leaves of drumstick help in purifying the blood. It also has antibiotic properties. If you want to improve the quality of your blood, you should include this veggie or its leaves in your

Good for pregnant and lactating women

Drumsticks help in overcoming symptoms of pregnancy like giddiness and vomiting. It also eases pre pregnancy and post pregnancy complications. It is beneficial for nursing others too as it increases breast milk.

Cures stomach problems

Dysentry, jaundice, cholera and diarrhoea like illnesses can be cured with the help of a home remedy of which drumstick leaves are an important part.

Strengthens bones

Drumstick has high amounts of iron, calcium and vitamins and this strengthens bones. If you want to raise your bone density you should be including this veggie in your diet.

How nutritious are drumstick leaves?

Drumstick leaves- Top health and weightloss benefits of drumstick

Just the leaves of the drumstick tree are also nutritious. They have a chockfull of vitamins and minerals and that too without unhealthy fats or high calories. Just 1 ounce of the drumstick tree leaves has more calcium than on ounce of milk, more iron than 1 ounce of spinach, more vitamin A than 1 ounce of carrots, more vitamin C than one orange and more potassium than 1 ounce of bananas. The amount of protein in it is comparable to eggs and whole milk.

Woah! The leaves are so healthy, after knowing about the goodness of the leaves you should be adding them to your diet.

How beneficial are drumstick leaves for weight loss?

I know you are all excited after reading the heading! You must be wondering how you can lose weight by including these leaves in your diet. You see, these leaves are low in fat and calories and are packed with goodness. Their goodness makes them a healthier alternative to other high calories foods. They provide 42% of recommended daily requirement of protein and 125% of the daily requirement of calcium. They also have B vitamins that assist digestion and conversion of foods into energy. This helps in increasing the body’s metabolism. After all, weight loss happens when you boost your metabolism. When the calories consumed are burned, you are not giving your body a chance to store it. This reduces the chances of piling on kilos. To know more read the science behind weight loss here!

So, you can have these leaves whenever you want to indulge in some healthy greens. It can be cooked like how most greens are usually made. You can improvise on dishes and make them more nutritious by adding drumstick leaves to them.

Hope you found this post on Top Health And Weight Loss Benefits Of Drumstick useful!

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