Top Hollywood And Bollywood Celebs Criticized For Their Curves


Top Hollywood And Bollywood Celebs Criticized For Their Curves

Celebrities are always on the spotlights. They receive the maximum clicks while walking the red carpet or responding to reporters and fans. In other words whether it’s a new story extolling a celebrity or a critique, celebs are always in the news. They receive the maximum media coverage, are talked about the most, and hyped like anything. Any event in their life no matter how small it is becomes sensational news for the masses around. We are used to seeing our favorite celebs in a good shape and attractive figure but often the media team will dig up such interesting facts about those celebs that we will definitely be swayed to think in a different way and it would actually generate ripples all around among the masses. So if you want to startle yourself with interesting facts about your fond celebs that were unknown to you so long, read on.

Top Hollywood And Bollywood Celebs Criticized For Their Curves

Kim Kardashian

This celeb who often takes pride on her sexy curvaceous figure came into the eye of media famed for its ‘nose’ for news and faced criticism on the issue that a photo shoot exposed her extra inches and cellulite which wasn’t of course there in the final snap. The media flashed this news to create a sensation and show that there lie imperfections beneath the mantle of a perfect figure that she claims to have.


• Beyonce

This famed actress plus singer of Hollywood came under the powerful criticisms many a times. Her dangerous dieting endeavors made her lose as much as 20 pounds quite speedily through ‘Master Cleanse’ Dieting Plan in just a period of 2 weeks. But the critics didn’t spare her. In fact they blasted her for this. Later when her pounds returned to her she again was preyed by a barrage of criticisms that labeled her as the ‘Curvy Fat’ or considered her as ‘Pregnant’


• Mariah Carey

This reputed actress plus singer is always targeted with criticisms regarding her shape. Critics shed light on the fact that this celeb is the one who very funnily air brushes her abs with ample makeup and continually raise queries on the fact whether this celeb is merely bulky or pregnant. So this is the main gossip that pounds Mariah often.


• Aishwarya Rai:

This most beautiful Bollywood Actress, once upon a time Miss World was criticized for turning shapeless and gaining extra pounds post delivery of her daughter Aradhya. She came into the critics’ anvil for not being able to maintain her gorgeous sexy figure and look the glamorous Victoria Beckham post delivery.


• Sonakshi Sinha

This charming Bollywood Actress, naturally a plump is always the object of criticism for her extra pounds. She looks pretty enough with that but the media is always after her for that too.

sonakshi So these are some of the celebs who have received enough exposure for their curves. However, the exposure that they have received is an exposure with a twist. It’s actually criticisms, gossips, funny comments or jokes cracked on their figure or on their shape which comes with hidden imperfections or has lost its shape quite often and radically

Do you think it is right that celebs are criticized for their curves?

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