Top Hula Loop Benefits-How To Get Flat Stomach?



Top Hula Loop Benefits-How To Get Flat Stomach?

Hello guys! how have you been?

How have you been? Me been busy again, exam season! I missed you people…

Since the summer vacations are around the corner, I remember this one thing we use to love to play in the house as the sun outside was terribly hot! It’s a Hoola loop! You all must have had at least one experience with that loop and you either loved it or hated it…. a few of us could make it go round and round around the waist and a few could barely have a single rotation! Such a competitive game it used to be back then and friends just added to the fun. But as we grew we forgot about this game and thought it was limited to kids. But did you know that the very simple looking Hoola loop plays a part in fitness too? Am serious… it is!


Hoola loop improves core strength, tones your stomach, arms, thighs and butt, is a low-impact, high-energy workout that can burn approximately 400 calories in an hour! Now let’s not get our hopes up, the way to burn these calories varies from choosing the right loop for you to the way you do it. So, if you think its as easy as going to some kids play store and buying the loop, hold it right there. The loop available for the kids is small and not right for you, go to a sports store and get yourself the loop the right loop for you; it should generally reach your hips, yup that high. Thus the plastic loops for kids are of no use to you.


Then comes the way to spin it.. this is the difficult part now. As kids, we could do it very easily, rocking our feet and all, but that’s not how it’s done to lose weight now is it? To have a strong core and engage the stomach muscles, you need to learn the trick to spin the loop around the waist.

When the loop moves around the waist, your stomach must thrust it forward and when it goes around your back, your back must push it backward. You can imagine the kind of movement it creates here, it’s seriously hard at first, but with patience and practice you can easily do it, though it may seem hard at first. The movement helps engage the core, thus working your torso and back muscles, making them stronger. Also, this being a low impact activity, it can be done by anybody.


You can read the step by step way to Hoola loop here:

If you aren’t convinced yet here are a few more benefits that you can by hoola looping:

1. Spiritual Healing:

The movement of hooping has been likened to being rocked as a baby, a form of meditation, and a spiritual path to enlightenment.

2. Low impact:

Hooping helps for countering osteoporosis as a gentle weight-bearing exercise. And like yoga, Hooping engages the mind-body connection to help you feel more focused and relaxed.

3. Focus :

Hoola looping stimulates the brain, learning a new skill helps keep the mind active, strengthening neurological pathways, thus reducing risk for dementia.

4. The Chi ( living force):

It helps to unblock the Chi in your body. If you are avid yoga practitioner, it’s the chakras in your body. The energy in our body flows through these chakras and thus help you lead a happy and stable well-being.

Here is another good news, Hoola looping can also be done by pregnant mothers, do consult your doctors on this one.


There are loops available in weights too and to train different parts of your body. You can start from the basic loop and then advance to the heavy ones. Also, there are acupressure points loop available. You can choose the loop as per your liking.  There are work-out DVD available in the market helping you to learn the art as well as get a good work out from this, or just log on to You tube and you can find workout there too.

Do give it a try this summer…

This is  Pooja, Ciao 🙂

When are you going to make Hoola Loop your new 6 pack buddy?

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