Top Myths about Paleo Diet

paleo diet myths

Top Myths about Paleo Diet

I’ve been following Paleo diet since like forever and am super happy with the results. You just cannot go wrong with it. But I know many people who are suspicious of its benefits. Also they think a lot of unreasonable things about eating like our ancestors.

So to clear it for once and all, I decided to bust your misconceptions regarding the superb Paleo diet-

Top Myths about Paleo Diet


Top Myths about Paleo Diet


Paleo Diet Costs a Bomb

No my friends, it doesn’t. I will tell you why. First of all, you need to go organic and it is definitely costlier than the normally available food. But I hope that you do realize that your normal food is loaded with chemicals. It does a lot of harm to your body. Our ancestors didn’t eat chemicals and processed foods and naturally they were healthier.

So today if you spend a little more on your super healthy food, you will not need to pay huge medical bills later. Also your health is more important than anything else.

Paleo Diet is a passing fad

It is a fad only if you don’t want to understand its concept. The concept is to eat like a caveman which means that Paleo diet is a real way of eating rather than just another fad diet where you live on low carbs and high proteins. You get to eat almost everything ranging from fruits and vegetables to fish and chicken. There are no restrictions till you stay on the path of ingesting minimal carbohydrates. Minimal does not mean zero! So here it is- Paleo diet is here to stay.

Paleo Diet causes fattening

Sorry to burst your bubble but it doesn’t. You eat low carbs and healthy fats then where is the chance to get fat? It helps in cutting fat-weight and increases your lean-mass. You actually get lean with adequate proteins and good eating habits. You can say goodbye to flab when on a Paleo diet.

Paleo Dieting is Tough

Really! How? You are only cutting carbs and bad fats then how can Paleo diet be hard to follow? After so many question marks let me tell you simply that it is a simple diet where you eat almost everything within limits. Until and unless you want to gobble down everything that comes before you, Paleo diet is the easiest to follow.

Paleo Diet means starving

That is the worst myth, you have in your mind. When you eat fulfilling food every time you are hungry, you will not be craving for anything unhealthy. It trains your mind to keep hunger levels in check and your hunger levels will drop naturally.

And my dear people! You don’t starve when you are not hungry 😀 So every time you feel hunger pangs, just eat up something nutritious and you will feel energetic and be fit soon.

So are your myths abut paleo diet debunked?