Top Myths About Soya Debunked


Top Myths About Soya Debunked

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Soya beans and their products are known for being very healthy. Mostly a part of vegan diet, it is also enjoyed by others. Enjoying an occasional tofu stir fry or having soya milk is a good option.


But Soya is surrounded by all sorts of myths. They are some myths that do not seem to budge. Here in this post the top myths associated with soya are busted.

MYTH 1: Soya is not a good source of protein.

Truth: Soya beans are actually a complete protein and especially good for the vegetarians. They are a complete protein because they have all the essential amino acids that cannot be made by the body. One cup of cooked soya beans has around 22 g of protein. In fact Tofu has lesser amounts of protein than what soya beans have in themselves.

MYTH 2: Soya-based imitation meat products are nutritious because they’re vegetarian.

Truth : There is a lot of imitation meat products available in the market that are soya based. They are shaped in such a way that they look like chicken nuggets. Some are having sodium and high fat content in them. The point is that they are processed and it is always better to eat soya that is closer to its natural state.

The soya chunks and granules that are available in the market are not having any additives. They can be added to meals to make your meals nutritious. There are several companies like nutrela that make soya chunks.

MYTH 3: Soy causes breast cancer.

Truth : Soya has been targeted as a cause of breast cancer but there is no direct link. Some breast cancer do grow in the presence of estrogen and soya can act as estrogen. Animal studies have shown that a compound in soy that resembles estrogen has shown growth of tumour. But humans are known to process the chemical differently and so far studies have not been able to prove the effect on humans. The studies that have been conducted on individuals who ate dietary soya and it was found that there is no link to breast cancer. It has also officially been said that:

“Moderate consumption of soya foods appears to be safe for both breast cancer survivors and the general population, and may even lower the risk of breast cancer.”

Tofu ready

MYTH 4: If you don’t like tofu, soy protein supplements are a good alternative.

Truth : There are certain points that have been noted during animal studies and for this reason most of the experts in the field of medicine and nutrition have said that humans should not take soya supplements until further research is done. However, they can be used for a short while.

MYTH 5: Men should not eat soya.

Truth: There have been concerns that soya products can decrease a man’s testosterone due to the estrogen-like activities of soya. But science is not able to find any valid evidence against soya even when its consumption is higher than average. So, there is no need to caution men against it. Dietary soya can actually benefit men as it reduces the risk of prostate cancer.

So, are you going to consume soya for good health?

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