Top Ramen Gets Banned After Maggi Noodles


Top Ramen Gets Banned After Maggi Noodles

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Instant noodles are treading a rough patch these days as one after another they are getting banned! It started with Maggi and let’s see where it all ends? Well, this time it is the famous Top Ramen brand of noodles that have been banned! On Monday Indo Nissin announced the withdrawal of ‘Top Ramen’ instant noodles from the Indian market. It happened due to the order of the central food safety regulator FSSAI.

top-ramen noodles banned

This month Nestle had to withdraw Maggi noodles from the Indian market while Hindustan Unilever recalled Knorr instant noodles because of safety and regulatory issues.

The FSSAI had ordered product safety testing of all the instant noodles in India. This was announced on June 8 after it was found that Maggi noodles had lead beyond permissible limits along with added MSG (Monosodium glutamate).

The Managing Director of Indo Nissin Foods Pvt Ltd has stated the following:

“At that time we had sought clarification from FSSAI since Top Ramen product approval is pending with the regulator. They have requested us to withdraw the product until they give the product approval.”

He also added that Top Ramen has been tested extensively in the last few weeks because of the issues of product safety of instant noodles.

They have been testing Top Ramen noodles at FSSAI accredited labs and have shared the results of the same with FSSAI a while back. In two cases the Top Ramen noodles sample have been found to have slightly higher amounts of lead in its tastemaker.

Instant noodles have garnered a lot of attention ever since FSSAI has banned Nestle India’s Maggi noodles. FSSAI had ordered the testing of other noodles and pasta brands such as Foodles, Top Ramen, and Wai Wai earlier this month to check whether they are following the norms or not.

The companies that were ordered to test their brands by FSSAI are as follows:

  • Nestle India
  • ITC
  • Indo Nissin Food Ltd
  • GSK Consumer Healthcare
  • CG Foods India
  • Ruchi International
  • AA Nutrition Ltd

Nestle India had to withdraw Maggi. They have destroyed Maggi noodles worth Rs.320 crores post ban.

High Dose Of MSG,Lead In Maggi 2015 India

All doesn’t stop with just instant noodles. The famous Starbucks chain has been asked to stop using ingredients that are not approved by FSSAI in certain products that are served in the Indian outlets.

This sounds like real good news. If the FSSAI is going to be strict, nobody can play with our health and mint money! It is a great step for the health and well being of the common man. We all should also be careful while purchasing processed and packaged products. The most important thing to do is to read the ingredients list carefully. If we are vigilant on our part no one can mess with us! After all, health is wealth. It is high time we change our eating habits, let us stick to real food instead of going in for processed junk food.

Wonder what will get banned next!

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