Top Reasons To Go Gluten Free

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Top Reasons To Go Gluten Free

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The term ‘gluten free food’ is echoing everywhere! A lot of products in the market are found to be gluten free. Why should you go gluten free? What is the need? People with gluten sensitivity need to exclude gluten from their diet and for others going gluten free is also beneficial. How? Let us see in this post!

Gluten free

Here are five reasons you should go gluten free

1. Gluten is known to damage your gut

People with gluten sensitivity suffer damage that begins in their gut. Gluten contains a protein that damages the junctions which keep particles of protein and other undigested food within the gut. Due to this damage the gut becomes permeable. This is also called ‘leaky gut’ and stuff that should remain inside the gut start getting out.

Gut inflammation due to gluten can affect digestion, absorption and the assimilation of food.

2. Gluten Increases Inflammation

Gluten can increase inflammation in the body. Among the several things that leak through the gut wall are fragments of protein. Once into the bloodstream, these foreign proteins reside in tissues like the membranes lining your joints. Your body looks upon them as a threat and to attack them creates antibodies. If this happens to your joints the inflammation is accompanied by swelling and pain.

Studies have shown that going gluten free can help reduce inflammation.

3. Gluten Impacts Nutrient Intake

Having a leaky gut and inflammation can hinder the gut in making vitamin B12 that can affect one’s metabolism and energy levels. Gluten is also known to contain substances that block the absorption of minerals. This can lead to a deficiency of crucial minerals like potassium and magnesium.

4. Gluten affects your immune system

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The cells that make up the immune system of the body are mostly located in the gut. Gut inflammation triggered by gluten stresses the immune system and increases your chances of suffering from flu and colds. Your immune system becomes weak and this means that your body is less efficient in repairing muscles.

5. Gluten Can Create Weight-Loss Resistance

Gluten contains certain sugar-binding proteins that stick to insulin receptors and create insulin resistance in the body. And you know how important insulin is for metabolizing sugar. The sugar binding proteins can also stick to your intestinal lining. This will cause storage of more calories as fat. To make matters worse these proteins can affect your hunger hormone ‘leptin’ that tells your brain when to stop eating. When this hormone is affected your brain won’t get the message that you are full! It is a cause of concern if you want to lose weight!

Inflammation, a leaky gut and poor absorption of nutrients and hunger hormone resistance can adversely affect metabolism. You are bound to pile on kilos even after exercising regularly.

Most of the carbs that contain gluten raise blood sugar and that elevates insulin levels too. If the body’s insulin levels are high the body starts storing fat instead of burning it. Apart from reducing inflammation a gluten free diet reduces risk of insulin resistance and also of diabetes.

After having faced a weight loss stall and other problems like lethargy, if you go gluten free even for just 3 weeks you will see an improved performance. You should not do it half heartedly. You have to eliminate gluten completely from your diet. You can start seeing the difference in just 1 week. You will have more energy, vigour and less soreness after exercise. It will help you lose those stubborn kilos that you have been trying to lose for quite some time now.

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