Top Reasons Why You Are Always Tired


Top Reasons why you are always tired

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How are you feeling today? Are you tired? Do you always feel so? The purpose of my volley of questions is to find out whether you feel tired always. If you do, this post is for you.

Here are the top reasons why you are always tired.

You skip exercising when you feel tired

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If you think that by skipping your exercise you can save energy then you are wrong. In a study it was found that healthy individuals who exercised lightly 3 days a week for 20 minutes felt less tired and a lot more energized after 6 weeks. Exercising regularly increases strength and endurance, helps your cardiovascular system work efficiently. This enables proper delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the body’s tissues. If you feel too tired the next time get up and go for a brisk walk, you will feel much better.

You don’t drink enough water

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Even a 2% loss of fluids can affect your energy levels. Due to dehydration there is a reduction in the volume of blood which makes the blood thicker. This makes the heart to pump less efficiently, and the speed at which nutrients and oxygen reach your muscles and tissues gets reduced. So, you get tired. Make sure that you are always well hydrated.

You skip breakfast

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After fasting the entire night you need to refuel yourself with a filling breakfast. If you happen to skip it then you will tired the whole day. Eating breakfast kick starts your metabolism. Your breakfast should be balanced and nourishing.

You are not consuming enough iron

anemic red blood cells- anemia n weightloss

Lack of iron in the body can also be a reason of your weakness. You need to increase your iron intake so that you don’t land up with anemia. Have lots of green leafy veggies, kidney beans, tofu, nuts, peanut butter and eggs. Make sure your pair them with vitamin C rich foods as this will increase the body’s iron absorption. Check with your doctor too if symptoms of iron deficiency are there.

You are a perfectionist


Are you Miss. Perfectionist? Then you are bound to feel tired at the end of the day! Perfectionists usually set unrealistic goals that are difficult to achieve and they are left unsatisfied. Leave your perfection aside and breathe in a bit of fresh air!

You make mountains out of molehills

Situation- The boss called you for an urgent meeting. You start panicking! You think ‘Oh my God am I going to get fired? ‘And you get freaked out!

If you are falling in this category then you are making a big issue out of nothing. The problem is that you expect the worse to happen. This anxiety will make you feel mentally exhausted. To overcome these thoughts you need to do deep breathing, meditation and exercises. You can always share your worries with a trusted friend and become more realistic in life.

You eat a lot of junk food

woman-watching-tv-and eating unhealthy

Junk food is loaded with salt, sugar and simple carbs. Eating such foods causes blood sugar spikes that are followed by a sudden drop. This can cause fatigue at the end of the day. It is essential to keep your sugar levels in control by including protein in your diet.

You have trouble saying ‘no’

Not being able to say ‘no’ and trying to please everybody can take a toll on your health. It can lower your energy levels and make you unhappy. So, don’t go about pleasing everybody whether it is your boss or your neighbor you should know where to draw a line

 You have a messy office

If your office table is a mess then you will get mentally exhausted. So, before leaving office just spend a few minutes to organize things on your table. The next day you will feel positive and be more productive at work.

You work through vacation

Don’t burden yourself with work when you are out on a vacation. You need to unplug yourself completely to allow your mind to unwind. You can then return to office totally refreshed.

You use gadgets at bedtime

Light from your tab, smartphone or laptop can affect your sleep hormones. Though it varies from person to person, it would be a good idea to avoid all gadgets 2 hours before bedtime.

You rely on caffeine

cappuccino- healthy eatind coffee day

Beginning your day with a cup of coffee is not a bad idea. Upto 3 cups a day is actually good for you! But what happens when you go overboard? It affects your sleep and if you don’t sleep you will feel sluggish the next day. Make sure you stop consuming coffee 6 hours before bedtime.

You stay up late on weekends

It is a human tendency to stay awake till midnight on Saturday because you know the next day is Sunday! Don’t do that as you will wake up late on Sunday and disrupt your sleep cycle and you will get tired. Weekends can be enjoyed by taking power naps in the afternoon that don’t exceed 20 minutes.

Hope you found this post useful!

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