Top Secrets To A Toned And Lean Body

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Top Secrets To A Toned And Lean Body

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When it comes to weight loss and body transformation, most people are looking for that one secret that will help them achieve the body of their dreams in the shortest amount of possible time and with least efforts. The fitness industry promises us to get a quick fix.They lure us with promises of “overnight” results, and we keep buying products to get the best result for ourselves. But such information may sometimes misguide us leaving us wondering what works and what doesn’t. Some product may work for one person but not for the other because each and every person is different and is the same for the body.

Top Secrets To A Toned And Lean Body

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The below mentioned are the secrets for getting a lean and toned physique.

1. Eat Quality Calories

Try to eat whole foods in their most natural state which is free from artificial chemicals and further processing.Your body will burn more calories by avoiding the junk food and eating more high-quality whole foods such as lean meats, fibrous fruits and vegetables, natural fats and whole grains.

2. Create a nutrition strategy

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Protein, carbohydrates and fats — make up the total caloric intake of a healthy diet. While most fad diets will focus on the elimination of a specific food group.


People eating diets with more protein than considered adequate burn more fat both at rest and while exercising. If you are consuming five to seven small meals a day on a calorie-restricted diet, an adequate part of each meal should include protein.


Most of your carbohydrates will come from nutrient-dense vegetables and fruits. But don’t eliminate yummy starchy carbohydrates that are usually deemed “off limits” while dieting. Instead, consume these types of carbs when you know your body will use them for energy and recovery, such as at breakfast and pre- and post-workout.


Healthy fats like egg yolks, salmon, oils and nuts are essential in assisting in the absorption of nutrients by slowing down digestion. Here the trick is to avoid fats when nutrients are needed quickly, such as post-workout or the first meal of the day. Take advantage of the slower digestion before bed and during the day when fats’ satiating properties can be beneficial

3. Train for Body Change

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Some people go to the gym with the basic goal of stepping out of their comfort zone by modifying exercises, taking different weights, various reps and rests.

When you are lifting weights, try to give importance on a particular muscle group from every possible angle. This creates maximum opportunity for the body to change by rebuilding muscle fibres back stronger and more defined.

 Your cardio strategy should focus on heart rate and intensity. High-intensity exercise could be more effective at burning fat than a whole hour of cardio at a steady rate.

These three secrets can be very effective for fat loss and body transformation.

Will you adapt these Top Secrets To A Toned And Lean Body?

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