Top Ten Gym Etiquettes You Must Follow


Top Ten Gym Etiquettes You Must Follow

Summers are in and you just cannot continue your workout outdoors? Fret not, this is when the gym membership will come to use. But, paying dues on time and showing up regularly does not mean that you own the gym. There are some basic etiquette that need to be followed inside the gym. Read the following 10 “gym crimes” to know what I am talking about.

gym etiquuette

1. Clean up after yourself:

gym etiquuette wipe

Always wipe the equipment with tissues or a towel after you are done. Towels help keep surfaces clean, dry and germ-free. There’s nothing worse than getting covered in someone else’s sweat. Yuck!

2. Think about others:

gym etiquuette no talking

Avoid talking to friends or flirting 😛  during your workout. Talking to someone will make you slow down and this will affect your workout. Take care of this especially when the gym is busy or crowded.

3. No cell phones:

Do not take your cell phones in the gym. Working out is what you do to honour your body. Immerse in this “me” time by forgetting about chores or work. However, if you are expecting an urgent call, take it outside. This will not disturb others and will also help you to maintain privacy.


4. Don’t hog machines:

Do not spend more than 20 minutes on any machine. Some extra time maybe permissible if nobody is waiting for the machine. Don’t leave your towel or water bottle expecting the machine to still be available when you return. Everyone has the right to use the machine and not just you.

5. Be patient:

Be patient when waiting for others to finish. Ask politely if they can indicate their finish time and leave it at that. Most etiquette observing gym goers will get the message. If not, the gym management will always help you.

6. Lower the volume:

While exercising to music is motivating and fun, blasting your MP3 player at maximum volume is not. Respect the people around you and turn down the music. Not everyone wants to hear your playlist.


 7. Makeup:

Wear as little makeup as possible when working out. When you are caked and you are sweating, it just makes you look really bad. Less is more.

8. Proper workout clothes:

Be sure of your size while selecting your clothes and make sure that everything fits appropriately. Body hugging or very tight clothes won’t be suitable and will surely draw unwanted attention towards you in the gym.

9. Deodorant:

gym etiquuette perfume

Keep yourself fresh by using a deodorant or a perfume. But, make sure that you don’t come to the gym with an overdose of strong scented perfume or scented body lotion. Always know that there is a difference between smelling fresh and overindulging with perfume.

10. Working out with your hair down:

gym etiquuette tie hair

You may think that it will make you look better but it never does. It makes you worse and is unrealistic especially when you are doing an intense cardio exercise. Pin your hair up and away from your face. This will help you to concentrate on your workout better.

If you are among those who follows these gym etiquettes religiously, then kudos to you. But if you are on the other side on the coin, sweat not. It’s never too late to make changes. Prioritise your health and respect the people around you. Trust me, you’ll feel better, look better and function better. After all it’s about being “Sisters in Sweat”. 🙂

Follow these Top Ten Gym Etiquettes !

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