Top Vegetables That Burn Belly Fat


Top Vegetables That Burn Belly Fat

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Everybody says that veggies are good for us! What they say is right but do you know that a particular vegetable family is more capable in fighting fat and boosting health than any other family of veggies. And this family of veggies is that of cruciferous veggies. This family has a lot of members! This means you have a wider variety to choose from (I have also added the total carbs in each veggie for the low carbers)

Top Vegetables That Burn Belly Fat

Cruciferous_Vegetables burn belly fat

  • Kale– A 100 g serving of kale has just 9 g of total carbs
  • Broccoli – A 100 g serving of Broccoli has just 7g of total carbs
  • Cauliflower– A 100 g serving of Cauliflower has just 5 g of total carbs
  • Brussels Sprouts (Choti bund gobhi)- A 100 g serving of Brussels Sprouts has just 9 g of total carbs
  • Rutabaga– A 100 g serving of Rutabaga has just 9 g of total carbs
  • Cabbage– A 100 g serving of Cabbage has just 6 g of total carbs
  • Bok Choy– A 100 g serving of Bok Choy has just 2.2 g of total carbs
  • Swiss Chard– A 100 g serving of Swiss Chard has just 3.7 g of total carbs
  • Turnips (Shalgam in Hindi)- A 100 g serving of Turnips has just 6 g of total carbs
  • Arugula– A 100 g serving of Arugula has just 3.6 g of total carbs
  • Collard Greens– A 100 g serving of Collard Greens has just 5 g of total carbs
  • Watercress– A 100 g serving of Watercress has just 1.3 g of total carbs
  • Radishes– A 100 g serving of Radishes has just 3.4 g of total carbs

Ok..ok .. you may not have heard of all of them but cauliflower, cabbage, turnips and radishes are quite common in Indian households.

Benefits these veggies have to offer:

Help in fighting belly fat

how to reduce belly fat

Bingo! They are winners already! They have the unique ability to fight off environmental estrogens and estrogens consumed in the form of food. We are exposed to estrogen through soya, plastics, and pesticides present around us. A special phytonutrient found in cruciferous veggies helps in fighting the unwanted estrogen. If you may ask what is wrong with estrogen, then let me tell you that environmental estrogens have been associated with high levels of belly fat. So by consuming more member veggies of the cruciferous family you are actually fighting off belly fat stores. Great isn’t it?

Improve digestion, increase satiety and help in weight loss

Vegetables of the cruciferous family are high in fibre. Fibre is known to help in keeping the digestive system healthy as well as making one feel full for a longer period of time. Several studies have also shown that an increase in fibre intake helps in loss of weight and keep you fit.

Improve the health of the gut and increase immunity

Apart from reducing belly fat and improving digestion these veggies have other benefits to offer too. It was recently published in a renowned journal that certain proteins found in cruciferous vegetables may have an important role to play when it comes to gut health. They are known to boost the production of immune cells and combat bacterial infections, inflammation and may even prevent bowel cancer.


Now, who wants to look young always? All of you, right? Eating cruciferous veggies can help you look young! It has been found in a research that these veggies have antioxidant and anti-ageing properties to boast of. In one study it has been found that people who happened to consume 1 to 2 cups of cruciferous veggies in a day reduced free radical damage by twenty two percent within a span of 3 weeks. Free radicals attack cells and this leads to ageing. If you want to look young then you should make it point to include cauliflowers, cabbage and radish in your diet.

Are you heading to the market to buy Top Vegetables That Burn Belly Fat??

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