Top weight loss tips for losing weight in one week

5 Top Tips For Weight Loss In One Week

Top weight loss tips for losing weight in one week

Are you the one who is looking for top tips to lose weight in one week? There are many like you looking for one week weight loss tips but can we disagree that on a journey towards health and weight loss, we have to make certain changes in our lifestyle?  There are some people, who look for a lifetime weight loss journey by following a regular regimen, while some wish to go for a weekly weight loss tips. If you are one such person who is looking for kicking your weight loss journey starting with one week; then this post on top weight loss tips is for you.

Good habits are not easy to adapt for a lazy person but one week is enough to get motivated and then carrying on. In fact if you give yourself one week to start and adjust, then after every 10 days so you can take a day’s off from routine and have better weight loss results. Do you think that one week is enough time to re-adjust your life?

So let’s start with simple but very effective top tips for weight loss in one week.

Top weight loss tips

1. Control and mix match your oils :

It is a very good strategy to control your daily oil intake. Nowadays there are various oils available in the market. Why not keep changing your cooking oil to ensure that you get the best of all kind of seeds.  Try from Mustard, Sesame, Coconut, Groundnut, Canola, Rice bran to Olive oil. (Read the benefits of using Olive oil here.) Remember your daily intake of oil must not go above 2 or 3 tsp. So which cooking oil are you going to use next month?

2. Change your cookware

Although we use the best cooking oil yet the intake depends upon the kind of cookware we use. No prize for guessing that using non-stick cookware helps in controlling over consumption of fats. Frankly speaking, pressure cooker and slow cooker are always the best bet for cooking food covered. All you require is a spoonful of pure Deshi Ghee for seasoning before serving. We Indians need to tweak our cooking methods a bit for a healthier lifestyle eating.

3. Replace Sugar with Stevia:

Not everyone has a sweet tooth but if you are one who cannot live without that sugary cup of tea, then better rethink your sweetening options. Sugar in tea and coffee is the reason to overdo sugar which actually is an addiction. Please, stay away from it unless you have low sugar levels or any other medical problem.

Market is full of natural and artificial sweeteners but Stevia is a good option. Stevia sweetener is low in carbohydrates and does not contain Aspartame. The sweetener is made of Stevia , a plant with natural sweet leaves. So , Stevia in, Sugar out 🙂

Top weight loss tips- use Stevia

4. Make Raw food your best snack

We all know that all calories are not same. Try your best to eat a lot of raw food like fruits or salad half an hour before every meal or as mid meal snacks. Raw food has fiber, that helps in food digestion, thus enabling a better meal digestion. Fiber keeps stomach full for a longer period which helps in keeping meal quantity controlled.

5. No water after having meals:

Make it a habit to drink water half an hour after the meal. It is considered better to have luke warm water instead of cold one. When we drink water after food, our digestion process slows down.

Here is a bonus tip…. Stop consuming any processed food.

Yes, you already know it but you must believe that all the processed foods (Read – maggi, pasta, cookies, white bread etc) better be kept out of the kitchen. If it is there, you tend to eat them.

If you follow these weight loss tips, we are sure that in one week you can lose a few kilos easily. Do not forget to walk 40 minutes daily for best results.

Have you planned any lifestyle changes to be healthy? Share with us, your tips for weight loss? After all sharing ideas is the best way for collective success.  🙂