India To Provide Tourist Visa For Yoga


India To Provide Tourist Visa And E-Visa For Short Term Yoga Courses

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Some great news for yoga enthusiasts abroad! This is the first time that India will be providing tourist visa and e-tourist visa to foreigners for doing short term yoga courses. This step has been taken to make the ancient spiritual practice more popular worldwide.

Tourist Visa And E-Visa For Yoga Courses

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There is needless to say that there are a lot of foreigners who are fans of this ancient practice and want to visit India to learn it. The government has realized the importance of yoga all over the world and has thus decided to include attending a yoga course (short term) in its list of permissible activities under tourist visa.

Also, the government has decided to include attending short term yoga and medical treatment (short duration) under Indian medicine systems in the list of permissible activities for those who get an e-tourist visa.

This decision has been taken by the Ministry Of Home Affairs. Currently, a foreigner is granted tourist visa when his or her sole objective is to visit India for sight-seeing, recreation, casually meeting family and friends, casual business meet or a medical treatment of short duration.

The official spokesperson of the Ministry Of Home Affairs has requested the All Indian Mission abroad and Foreigners Regional Registration Officers (FRROs)/ Foreigners Registration Officers (FROs) in India to take the right action according o the latest decision.

Tourist visa on arrival popularly called e-tourist visa scheme enabled by Electronic Travel Authorisation or ETA was launched on 27th November, 2014. As per this e-tourist visa scheme, the applicant receives an email that authorizes him/her to visit India after approval and the person can travel with a print-out of this authorization.  When the foreigner arrives, he or she has to present the authorization to the immigration officials who would then stamp the entry to India.

Till date, this scheme is for 150 countries at 16 Indian airports that are designated for providing e-tourist visa service. Since the scheme has been launched, more than 9 lakh visas have been issued to people. At present, an average of 3,500 e-tourist visas are being granted everyday to foreign nationals.

Additionally, Japanese are provided visa on arrival facility, this move will boost the inflow of business visitors and tourists. This visa on arrival for Japanese nationals is issued for tourist, business, medical and conference purposes. It is said to be valid for 30 days.

This way a lot of people yearning to visit India for learning yoga and getting medical treatment will be benefitted. Yoga is one ancient Indian practice that is widely sought after even in places far away from India. It is said to provide relief from several health conditions and above all is a way of life. Many foreigners have made yoga a part of life and are getting lots of benefits.

Such moves by the government make the world a global village, where foreign nationals can visit India and learn a lot about our cultural heritage.


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