How To Track Weight Loss Progress


How To Track Weight Loss Progress

Use a weighing machine. Is this what you think 🙂 ? It certainly helps in a way but not totally. There are other means to help you decide if your weight loss is happening for good.

Body Composition

Your body weight consists of many things which include bone weight, muscle weight, fat, water weight etc.  A dip in the number shown by the weighing scale does not tell you where you have lost it from. Losing weight should mainly come from reduction of fat content in your body.

Weight loss/gain myths

Simply losing weight does not necessarily mean that you are getting lean. Similarly gaining weight does not necessarily mean that you have added lean muscle mass. I remember the last winter when I was bulking I used to eat anything to get heavy. By the end of it I had developed a big upper body but my tummy bulked too and one day my trainer said “kya baat hai sir chest to badi ho rahi hai par pet aur bada ho raha hai” .That was humiliating 🙁

How To Track Weight Loss Progress

There are few simple accessories that can help you get a rough idea of what is the ratio of lean muscle mass versus fat in your body and I use these methods myself. I have found the results convincing so far, I hope it will help you too.

Weighing Scale

How To Track Weight Loss Progress weighing scale

Try to have one at your house. Weigh yourself empty stomach in the morning with bare minimum clothes so that you can have an accurate idea of your weight.

Also try to stick to the same scale since different scales may show a little difference based on the difference in calibration.

Inch Tape

How To Track Weight Loss Progress measuring tape

One of the most available and important tools to track progress yet ignored sometimes. Try to take measurements of your body parts regularly. You know best from where you need to lose fat.

For example, if you need to lose from your belly but you are losing it from your thighs instead, then may be the workout plan that you are following is not meant for you and it is time for you to change it.

 Skinfold Calipers

How To Track Weight Loss Progress callipers

This is one instrument that is easily available and cheap. Although it will not give you a very accurate measurement but it will give you an approximate idea of how much body fat you have and how much you have lost/gained.

Pull the fat away from your muscles, pinch them with the calliper, take the measurements, and look at a chart below to figure out your body fat percentage

You may like to consider few areas of your body to do this like belly and thighs. Women who have fat in their upper body may also consider arms. Once you get the values, you can take an average of the values to have an idea of what overall body fat percentage you have.

 How To Track Weight Loss Progress fat measurement

Take pictures regularly

One of the very easy and effective methods, take pictures of yourself in good lighting against a plain background with minimum clothes, consider three angles of taking pictures, front,  back and side and compare it with the ones taken last time. It actually helps to see if you are looking better than the last time. I myself follow this regularly.

 How To Track Weight Loss Progress take pics

Be consistent

Following these things consistently helps you judge how you have been progressing so far, if your progress has slowed down over time (indicating plateau), are you actually getting toned by losing weight from the body parts that are flabby instead of losing it from somewhere where you don’t have a lot of fat. All these things help you change your workout plans if needed and a lot more

Don’t worry if your scale is not showing a lot of reduction in spite of your hard work and sacrifice J.  It may be because of your high bone density or you are gaining considerable muscle mass simultaneously in addition to losing weight because remember muscle weighs heavier than fat. If you look and feel better as a result of your workout and diet, that means all your hard work and sacrifice was worth it.  🙂

Stay strong!


  1. Hi Rahul
    I have weighing scale n inch tape at home. But not the digital one, is it necessary? ?
    I’ve lost 2.5kg in one month. Im noticing that the fat is reducing from waist n tummy but not showing any signs of reduction on my arms. Im worried

  2. Hey Rupali. If you are the one who tracks her progress weekly, then digital is necessary. Well do not worry first of all :). you are doing good. Depends person to person also. It takes a little more time for some people to lose fat from arms compared to tummy. for example in my case i start to lose it from my face first of all.
    2.5 kg in one month is pretty reasonable and if you have started to lose it from your tummy you will soon notice the change in your arms too.
    I see you have completed one month already. Did you completely follow the routine I had provided? In case you have, then it is time to switch things a little bit so that the fat reduction from your arms gets accelerated. If needed I will write a post for the same.

  3. Yes tarun I hated the bulges on my tummy n tyres on waist
    I always had to wear long loose kurtis or even lose tees n now as im seeing results there im so happy n motivated. N thank you so much for all the effort you have taken for us in creating diet plans, motivating us , in giving quick response to our queries.
    Thanks to rahul too he made me realize the biggest mistake ive doing all the time by ignoring weights, strength training.
    Thank you guys for giving us and giving ME this blog.
    No matter what im determined to loose all the unwanted weight n get my body back n no one can stop me

  4. Woah , i am impressed 🙂 . Rupali, m sure with the determination that you have, no one can stop you ! I am glad that IWB team could help you achieve your goal !
    Rahul – Thanks for being here, its a pleasure to have you here 🙂

  5. Just read the article rahul I get it all these n im not expecting extreme change in my flabby arms
    But still wanted to see little tiny winy change in them. Hope I get to see that soon:-)
    Yes rahul I did your routine but I still can’t do pushups more than 5, pls uggest some exercises that will tone my triceps. N I don’t track my weight weekly so I’ll stick with this weighing scale.

  6. This blog keeps me motivated tarun. Only today I was telling my mom about the blog n the success story of anamika n others. N I told her that soon there will ve my successful weight loss story on this blog:-)

  7. And Rupali you are one hell of a motivated and determined girl I have seen :). I do not mean any offense but normally I do not see such determination in girls when it comes to fitness.
    You are already there because I see you have already started visualizing it and as said by the legend Arnold Schwarzenegger himself, your body wont go where your mind wont 🙂

  8. Right Sahiba. I too don’t rely on the weighing machine too much. It never shows a lot of weight change for me ever but my body has been improving constantly since the time I started exercising. But because it takes a little more time to lose inches, I recommend using weighing scales so that people do not get impatient thinking they are not getting results 🙂

  9. Way to go girl :). I will wait for the day you achieve the body you ever wanted ! Needless to say, your story will be on the front page of IWB !
    Keep going on 🙂

  10. Thanks Anamika ! So kind of you.. Weighing machine hehe. I know what you mean. I hate it too. Never shows a lot of change. This is why I have to go for other means to see if I have really made some progress 🙂

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