Best Traditional Methods To Nourish Skin

best traditional methods to nourish your skin

Best Traditional Methods

To Nourish Skin

Do you regularly look at your skin and think why is it getting duller day by day, while you have been using the best beauty products in the market! This blog-post is going to provide answers to all your doubts. Read on and know all about the best Traditional Methods To Nourish Skin.

Traditional Methods To Nourish Skin

Pollution, chemical-based products, bad diet and lifestyle habits are some of the various factors which could be the reason behind your lost skin luster. We, modern people, forget that our Indian kitchens are packed with a treasure of ingredients that can come in handy to treat a variety of health troubles. There are so many simple ingredients that have been the traditional favorites of skincare rituals due to the presence of mineral and antioxidants in them. Let us talk about a few best traditional methods to nourish your skin.

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best traditional methods to nourish your skin

Not only is turmeric an integral part of Indian cuisine, but also Indian traditions! No Indian wedding is complete without the Haldi ceremony where turmeric paste is applied to the bride and groom’s face, arms, and legs. It provides a lovely golden glow to the skin and its antiseptic properties cure pimples.

  • Mix turmeric with a little milk for your under-eye skin and say adieu to those wrinkles.
  • Add a little oil to it to keep those soles crack-free.


best traditional methods to nourish your skin

Easily accessible, inexpensive, and appetizing – you couldn’t ask for more! Honey naturally absorbs and retains the moisture of the skin, which makes it an excellent hydrating agent.

  • Add honey to a little saffron or milk, and you have a face pack that will make you glow.
  • Apply it with olive oil for an excellent hair conditioner. It restores the scalp too and is an outstanding source of antioxidants – all these qualities make it a useful ingredient in almost every cosmetic.

Clay (Multani Mitti)

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Clay is a natural cleanser and scrubber. It absorbs oil, thereby making skin less greasy and a handy antidote for blemishes.

  • It can be applied with honey, milk, lime juice, or tomato juice to form a face pack.
  • Blend it with jaggery and curd as a hair pack to be applied before doing shampoo. This is especially useful for those with dandruff.

Besan/ gram flour

best traditional methods to nourish your skin

Generally found in all Indian kitchens, Besan or chick pea / gram flour is an everyday grandmother recipe. Its exfoliating properties make it very suitable and favorite of various beautiful actresses, Aishwarya Rai being one.

While some apply it to get rid of excess oil from the hair before shampooing, others apply besan or chick pea flour with milk and cream as a replacement for soap. Besan can be drying so adding milk and cream keeps the skin hydrated and graceful. Use it with lime water, milk, or yogurt to form a face pack.


traditional methods for skin care

Possibly the costliest of spices, saffron has qualities that justify its value. An excellent exfoliating agent, it also has anti-bacterial properties to treat acne. Many believe, it lightens complexion by softening the skin tone, though there aren’t any convincing studies that prove it. But  surely it enhances the skin quality. 

Let us not forget that healthy eating with some regular activity has great positive impact on the skin. Read this article to know more!

Give these traditional methods to nourish skin a try and don’t forget to share your view in the comment section. 

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