Transform Your Body With 7 Exercises


Transform Your Body With 7 Exercises

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Is a fit body your new year’s resolution? I have just the thing for you. You can transform the body and achieve the fitness goal with a few easy exercises. These exercises are effective as they burn unwanted calories. When you club these exercises with the right diet and quality sleep, you can get the body of your dreams. So, without much ado, here we go!

1) Jumping rope

Top Exercises To Lose Weight skipping

You would have jumped the rope in childhood. But jumping the rope is not just for kids, adults too can reap benefits from it. It is an easy, cheap and portable exercise that can be done anywhere! It is a wonderful workout as it burns the most number of calories in a minute when compared to other workouts. It has a fun factor in it too. It is a very effective cardio session especially when you are on the go.

2) Squats

squats for booty

A full body exercise, the squat works more than one muscle group. This powerful compound exercise help in toning and strengthening the body along with burning calories. To burn even more calories you can try jump squats or hold dumbbells in your hands while doing squats. Squats when done regularly will help in transforming your body and improve physical health. If you have a sedentary lifestyle, it becomes important for you to do squats.

3) Push ups

Push up for toned body

People avoid trying a hand at push ups because they are hard to do. But if you are able to do them, they can do wonders for you. There are different push up styles and you can keep varying it so that you don’t get bored. They don’t just work the upper body but also the core. You can sculpt your arms and transform your body by doing push ups few days a week. This exercise is good for the health of the heart and it helps in improving one’s posture. Just bear in mind that you do the exercise correctly.

4) Lunges

do at home leg workout lunges

Try your hands at lunges to tone the muscles of your legs. Lunges help in transforming your body. You can do jump lunges to add an element of cardio and boost the intensity. Doing 3 sets of 10 lunges a day would be good enough. They are quite effective in strengthening, sculpting and building muscles.

5) Swimming

types of swimming

Swimming can give you a svelte figure. It strengthens the core and works different groups of muscles. It also has other health benefits. It helps in reducing your BP, strengthening your heart and improving your aerobic capacity. Swimming is a great and refreshing way to work out.

6) Running

running- living drug free

Running has a lot of benefits to offer. It improves heart health, relieves stress, reduces the chances of depression, burns calories and improves overall health. What more can you ask for? Running builds strong and toned legs. Feeling the breeze blowing on your face is a totally out-of-this-world experience. You can also try jogging if you have a problem in running.

7) Cycling

Top Exercises To Lose Weight bicycling

Cycling is a foolproof workout. It strengthens your legs, arms and your back. It makes your heart work more efficiently and aids weight loss. It is easy to fit in cycling in your daily routine as it is a great means of transportation. It is good for your health and saves your money too. Try cycling with a friend, it is great fun!

Try doing the above listed exercises regularly! All the best!

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