Treadmill Desks In Office-Burn Calories While Working


Treadmill Desks In Office-Burn Calories While Working

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How is office going? Why do I ask that you may wonder? I should only ask about your workout schedules and health; your office is none of my business you may feel!! See, there is a relationship between office work and workout. How? You will get to know soon 🙂

Sitting in the same place for a good 9-10 hours is not a good idea at all. Yes, you do get up in between for short breaks but all you do the whole day is clickety-clickety- click on your desktop at office. You see we weren’t made that way. We were programmed to be active and always on the move. Walking was the sole mode of transport during prehistoric times. We used to climb the trees to gather fruits, run after animals with the spear in hand and stay active whole day. Cut to the 21st century- we are sitting the whole day, driving our way back home in a car and getting grocery delivered at home. Even a layman can guess that this is not what we were made for. There has to be some sort of activity in our daily routine. Okay, I am yak-yakking too much today! This was just my point of view.

Now, let’s get back to business! Let me introduce you to something called treadmill workstation.

Treadmill Desk burn calories

Yes, your workstation will be a treadmill and it can make your office work really comfortable. It reduces neck and shoulder muscle pain that happens when you work on the computer for long hours. This has been found out by a new study.

One of the researchers from McGill University in Canada says that the body of office workers is their basic work instrument just like how it is for an athlete. Office workers may not see it that way but that is the truth. For increase in outcome from the body it is essential to keep the body in top notch condition. The body can get injured in some ways, for the same reason and that can be overuse of certain muscles. While on your treadmill workstation, you walk while typing and this reduces the muscle activity in the neck as well as shoulder. This has been found out by the researchers in the study.

Let us go deeper into the study. The researchers of the study asked the participants to complete a typing task of 90 minutes while walking or sitting. They kept measuring muscle activity in the shoulders, neck, forearms, wrists and lower back while the participants were busy with their tasks. They discovered that there was lower and more variable muscle activity in the neck and shoulders when the participants were walking compared to sitting and that directly means that there was less discomfort when they were walking and typing. Researchers have also estimated that one in ten office workers have muscular an skeletal stresses at some point in their lives.

The study’s researchers say that whether you are a middle distance runner or someone who works on the computer for long hours, injuries occur when you put a particular muscle or group of muscles under stress for too long, and when blood can’t flow to that part to regenerate the muscles.

Maybe this is a step towards a new era! We might actually be working on treadmill desks in the near future! Doesn’t that sound great?

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