Psychological Tricks To Beat Food Cravings


Have A Look At The Psychological Tricks To Beat Food Cravings!

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You must have heard about anorexia and bulimia. Both of them are serious eating disorders and are regarded as psychological problems that need treatment. However, there is something else too that has become common in today’s culture and that is overeating and gorging. Not many realize that it is a psychological problem although not that serious or threatening.

To get rid of overeating, there are many psychological tricks. Check out the tricks to beat food cravings!

1) Eating mindfully

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While eating your meals please turn the TV off and stop reading books. Your focus should be on what you are eating instead. It may not be entertaining enough but you have to do it.

The logic: Research says that people tend to consume 25 percent more than they normally do when they are distracted with TV or other activities while eating. This is because the appetite centre of the brain is unable to register what you are eating.

2) Drink water


When you feel hunger pangs the next time, treat yourself with a glass of water. There are more chances that you won’t reach for the bag of chips once you have downed a glass of water.

The logic: You can confuse thirst with hunger and that is why it is important that you stay well hydrated. This way you won’t overeat! It is a simply trick to beat food cravings and boost your water intake. And don’t worry, a glass of water won’t satiate you when you are really hungry!

3) Slow down

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Some people eat in a great hurry. They shovel down food as if there a famine in the near future. If you do the same, it is time you slow down. Make it a point to have your meal before you turn ravenous and eat your food slowly. Chew well before swallowing.

The logic: You will end up overeating every time you eat like it is a race. When you shovel down food, it takes more time for the brain to make sure that your belly is full. Also, it is a good idea to wait for a while before heading out for the second helping. If you are full, your body will tell you in a minute or two and you won’t need the second helping.

4) Snacking healthy

teenage healthy

You can snack throughout the day so that you don’t get ravenous. So, the trick here is to swap your regular snacks with healthy options. You can always have homemade diet bhel, boiled channa, or vegetable salad with lemon juice drizzled over it.

The logic: Snacking throughout the day will make you less ravenous and hence you will not binge. Also, healthy snacks have more amount of fibre and protein content that will help you stay satiated for longer.

The Bottom Line

All the psychological tricks mentioned above will help you cut down on your intake of food. However, the best one is healthy snacking. It is a great way to begin. You will build a better relationship with food once you start snacking healthy. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try out all of them. See what works best for you.

Hope you liked reading about the Psychological Tricks To Beat Food Cravings!

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