Simple Tricks To Relieve Anxiety


Simple Tricks To Relieve Anxiety

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Anxiety is a common thing these days. Thanks to our immensely complicated lives! Almost everyone feels anxious when they experience some trigger points. Trigger points vary from person to person. Some people get anxious in places that are jam packed with people and loud noises. Others feel anxious when they have too much to do at office. There are many other trigger points such as travelling in a flight, public speaking, dogs, fights with loved ones, swimming in the ocean and the like. Were you able to relate to anyone of it?

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No matter what triggers your anxiety, here are a handful of tricks to relieve anxiety.

1) Take ten swimmer’s breaths

When you are swimming in laps you need to breathe out completely in order to breathe in. Anxiety sufferers tend to forget breathing out and as a result they are not able to breathe in. This is a reflex action of the body that can be overcome by paying attention on breathing out completely. Let the breathing-in take care of itself.

2) Try doing a 10-min breathing meditation


Choose a comfortable corner for yourself and close your eyes. Do not mind the noise outside or the racing thoughts inside your mind. Also, do not expect the mind to slow down itself.

Instead of focusing on your negative thoughts, let breathing be the centre of your attention.

Slowly start regulating your breath as your thoughts keep racing in your mind. Breathe in deeply and breathe out fully. If it is possible, try to pause at the bottom and top of your breath. Continue doing so for 10 mins. Pretty soon, your heartbeat will start settling down and you will be more relaxed.

3) Practice being mindful of the present moment

Just sit down and start noticing as many things about the present moment as possible. Pay attention to the sensations in and around you. Look down at the ground or up at the sky. See the light and space in between the two.

Anxiety is chiefly based on the past or the future. This mindfulness exercise will help in bringing you back to the present moment. This way you will be more relaxed. Do practice this exercise and see the results.

4) Develop trust triggers

Take the time to look back at 2 to 3 moments from your past that seemed bad at that time but turned out to be the best things that could have ever happened to you. I am sure you have any such moments. You need to label these memories as trust triggers. This way the next time you have anxiety, you will at least have a point of reference for how things that seemed bad worked out to be the best for you. At times all that you need is a change in perspective.

5) Laugh

Laughing good for health

If you had a bad day, you should tune in to your favourite comedy show. It is said that stand up comedy can turn your day filled with anxious moments into a pleasant one.

Just choose your favourite stand-up comedian and enjoy. When you are anxious, you might not find your family or friends very funny. But a professional stand up comedian can really make you laugh. And all of us know that laughter is the best medicine.

Hope you liked the Tricks To Relieve Anxiety!

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