Troga-Latest Form Of Yoga For Fitness


Troga-Latest Form Of Yoga For Fitness

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There are so many kinds of Yoga like Hatha Yoga, Bikram Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Jivamukti Yoga and many more. A new entry to the list is Troga! Troga combines the goodness of TRX and yoga. If you are clueless about what TRX is, let me tell you about it first.


TRX stands for Total Resistance eXercise. TRX is the equipment used for suspension training. Here a person has to work against his or her own body weight with the help of ropes. Suspension training is a form of resistance training.

Troga-Latest Form Of Yoga For Fitness

Troga exercise

What is troga?

Like mentioned above, Troga combines TRX and yoga. It is done wit the helps of webbing and ropes. It has been developed by two Australians Ben Lucas and Kate Kendall.

Ben Lucas is a former rugby player and Kate Kendall has been teaching Yoga for 5 years now. Lucas was asked to try Yoga to recover for his 100 Km ultra-marathon way back in 2010. He was a kind of person who could not even touch his toes but after practicing Yoga, he made it an important part of his training process.

While teaching him Yoga, Kate Kendall realised how Ben’s training was positively affecting his Yoga practice and making it much stronger. Yoga helped Lucas in being more mobile and keeping himself free of injuries.

 Troga founders

So, they combined TRX and Yoga and ‘Troga’ was born. This form of Yoga uses a suspension trainer which is attached to the ceiling. This workout is advantageous as it uses the weight of your own body as resistance.

Kate once said to an Australian newspaper,

We are bringing the philosophy of yoga to an athletic workout. Being present, breathing, and marrying the athletic mindset with yoga.

Lucas says that they have designed the classes is such a fashion that everyone can work out together. It has the potential to be a great workout for all types of athletes, right from a beginner to an experienced athlete. It does work magic on your abs and is gentle on the joints at the same time. Any kind of injury will not stop you from doing Troga.

While Yoga is famous for making a person flexible and swift, TRX combines aerobics and strength training making Troga a complete workout!

What do experts in India have to say ?

Indian Yoga experts say that it is a great exercise for sportspersons but it will also be beneficial for beginners. Many other yoga trends like Bikram yoga and hot yoga have made waves in the fitness world. Troga will also receive a very similar response. Only hitch is that traditional forms of yoga have been in more in demand by Indian fitness freaks. It cannot be said till what extent troga will be able to keep itself much in demand in India.

One person who got the opportunity to try Troga classes abroad says that the main plus point of Troga is that it supports you with the help of ropes. This will help you in performing even the most difficult kind of resistance training without any danger of injuring yourself. One can also have the freedom to stretch harder when traditional yogasanas are practiced.

So, if you are bored of your current workout you can make a shift to troga as soon as it hits a fitness centre near you!! Keep the fire of fitness lit!!

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