True Weight Loss Story-How I Lost 20 Kgs In 6 Months


True Weight Loss Story-How I Lost 20 Kgs In 6 Months

Heya! This is Pooja and I am going to brag a bit of my weight loss : p

Well, I started at 89kg.. Whoopee…and I didn’t give a damn, didn’t even notice it as I am a jeans and tee person so till you don’t wear your kurtas you don’t really get to know the inches gained and lost… its the cotton that doesn’t stretch like our good old tees and gives you that reality check 🙂

This is my ‘Before’ and Till now pic… No ‘After’ yet cause still the journey is in process…

The left one is me 89 kg blissfully Haaappyy… and Right one ready for a workout!!

True Weight Loss Story-How I Lost 20 Kgs In 6 Months

Eat it out or work it out

Ever noticed how what strangers say doesn’t hurt as much as what your family says? Yes, when you lean on something and it just jerks away you are bound to fall… that was my low point, I had to decide whether to eat it out or work it out. And a workout it was! Not that I did not work out earlier, but this time it was serious. I hired a personal trainer (I owe him big time) and had a job that ensured I couldn’t eat a decent lunch; now don’t mistake this for skipping meals, I would have a protein shake instead of lunch and dinner was a feast most of time (office peer pressure..hehe).

The Halleluiah moment

Six months of vigorous workouts and no diet as such I lost 20kg! I was on cloud 9! Also my fitness level increased and my energy level went up… So in short it was a ‘Halleluiah moment’.

After the completion of 6 months I did not renew my personal trainer fees but was regular with my workout. Diet was never an option, so as the grueling training went down the number on the scale went up; this time steadily. So this time I signed up with a well known dietician, she was good no doubt, but this time I lacked motivation to do anything about my weight.  Whenever I followed the diet to the T I managed to lose 3kg per week, this with a diet and the “magic herbal pills” and husk eating alarm. So Husk is Isabgol, it is supposed to be a laxative, no taste but you need a gut to gulp it down, or may be its just me over reacting. But the days that I didn’t follow the diet, the weight either was stable or went up by a kg. So after the personal trainer session ended, I gained 6kg and with this dietician lost 3kg, decent enough with my kind of commitment. Summing it all up; A total of 17 kg of weight loss last year.

Now I am trying to come down further 15 kg and this time there is no dietician or trainer involved, it’s just me and my years of dealing with the fat me… The trick is motivation which comes from within… for me its lots of it or none of it. :p

I’ll let you know how it goes further from here… the workouts, the diet plans, the hits and misses; yes a free fall…!!!

Are you inspired by this True Weight Loss Story?

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  1. great pooja ,life is easier when we become fit from fat and i am still on the way for my desired weight ,i lost 12 kg in 4 month ,then in this month of August i gained 2 kg n now i am 92 ,n from last 1 month it’s not going down ,i am worried ,i don’t know what happened even same diet ,same exercise ,so can anybody tell me what’s this happening with my weight

    • Hi Aditya, Congrats on your weightloss! You have come a long way dnt get dissappointed so easily 🙂 You have lost weight and now your body needs to adjust to it, give it some time, don’t worry about the couple of kilos you put on its just a self preservation mechanisn that your body does as a natural reflex! Once it gets adjusted to the new weight it will start losing the weight again;-) Hang in there!

      • thanks a lot pooja for motivating me ,otherwise i was hopeless ,thanks so according to you will i be able to loss 10 kg within 3 months if continued with same diet and same exercise?

        • Hey continue with your regime, everyone’s body is different, some may take a longer time to adjust to the new weight and some nothing at all.. so give your body the time it needs. Don’t worry about how much time it takes.. stress also is a reason for weight gain! Keep up the good work!

    • Well, the pill came in small zip lock packets, so no idea what it was. But on a couple of occassion i was given Kelp which made me gain weight, and garcia cambodia, others i dnt really know! But if you are planning on taking them, just don’t! Trust me on this, a balance diet and exercise is the answer.
      All the best!


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