True Weight Loss Story:How I Lost 30 kg in 2 years

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True Weight Loss Story:

How I Lost 30 kg in 2 years

Heya Everyone,

Happy Friday :). Today is a special day, I am going to introduce you to a very strong woman. Meet Kanan, a middle-aged Indian woman who managed to lose 30 kgs in 2 years. I generally find middle women aged women whining about their weight and health but doing nothing. Kanan is an inspiration for all the women out there who think that their life’s scope is limited to their husbands, children, and family. A woman loses “I”, “Me” somewhere some point in life! This story is about the once lost “I”, “ME”!

Over to Kanan

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Life Begins Now……….

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I am not at all ashamed to say that I love myself and can do anything to keep myself happy. I have achieved many things in my life but to date my greatest achievement is to gain back my self-esteem and smile.

My story begins with being a ‘nice cute chubby baby’ who loved chocolates, candies, cakes, and as aftermath turned into a massive 98 kg woman. How it happened is no secret as we know an unhealthy lifestyle and uncontrolled eating habits are always the biggest culprits. But today, more important is that I recovered and managed to pack my happy soul inside a 68 kg body.

My story is the story of losing 30 kg of weight in two years.

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I had always loved reading, dramatics, music, art, and everything that I could do sitting in one place. I hated exercising. By the time I reached college and completed my post-graduation I was 75 kg on the scale with 5ft 2 inches in height. Exercising and not indulging in food was too big a price to pay just to look good. Nah! Not to my liking.

A life weighing 73 kg was fun as I started working and then got married. It was after having two kids I realized I was around 80 kg by the age of 35. I still had ample excuses for not doing my basic regular walks “Oh come on I am working, have to look after the home and these two devils— no- no- no I don’t have any energy or time for exercising.”

By the age of 45 in 2011, because of my unhealthy lifestyle, I was on medication for asthma, palpitation, backache, and high blood pressure. Earlier I had been on anti-depressants and steroids too. I was not able to sleep at night without using the inhaler and was breathless all the time.

I was quite frustrated on the job front too so in October 2011, I finally decided to resign from my measly paid teaching job and do something about my health problems as I was getting sick popping those pills day and night. I was this huge 98 kg with zero self-esteem and cranky all the time. I always tried to avoid family photo sessions because I hated what I saw there.

I just hated to look at my clothes drying on the line as they looked like a tent. In fact, I hated each and everything about me. What I hated the most was my hatred for myself and low confidence. I wanted to change my life and my first step towards a better life was regular walks in the evenings.

I bought a few books based on weight loss and realized that I needed to get moving. I increased my walking speed and time slowly but my legs ached. I was hungry all the time, struggling to stay away from food but was failing badly. I was walking two hours daily but my heart broke the day I stepped on the scale after a month of regular walking, the scales were behaving like an adamant child in front of the ice cream parlor, not ready to budge at all.

I was the same 98 kg even after a month. Now what? Should I give up or think of something else! I began looking for diet plans on the internet and started experimenting with various diet plans. Even after two months nothing really was working out for me. I was getting frustrated but then I saw a ray of hope as I found something promising that could help me out. I tried it for three weeks and bingo!! That was it, I had lost almost 7 kg.

True Weight Loss Story

Well, I am sure you are thinking about three things right now.

  1. What the magic was that made me lose that nasty obstinate fat so fast?
  2. What did I eat during those three weeks?
  3. What exercises did I do?

kanan 98 - 67 kg latest

I will disclose all my secrets step by step in my next few posts but before I finish today here is a clarification that neither am I a dietician nor a trainer but yes I am someone who realized in time that the most precious thing in this world is ME. It’s high time you too understand it and get up, pull yourself out of your comfort zone, and get moving – start walking.


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Today’s Walk Tip: If you find it difficult to go outside don’t bother, do spot walking at home. Spot walk 100 steps while standing in the kitchen, 100 before you take bath, 100 while watching TV, using the washing machine, don’t laugh, the aim is to move your body. I have done it and still do it. So get moving and love yourself because if you don’t look after yourself no one ever will.

Till I see you again,

Love Life- Live Life.

Welcome to IWB Kanan :). It is a pleasure to meet you n I mean it :). Hope you inspire a lot of women to find their life- Luv Tarun