Truth Behind Dr. Oz Raspberry Ketone-Miracle Fat Burner


Truth Behind Dr. Oz Raspberry Ketone-Miracle Fat Burner

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You are not alone in the weight loss race. There are so many people trying hard to lose weight. To target this section of people, there are a lot of slimming pills, shakes and teas in the market. People on the heavier side want to try every weight loss supplement under the sun to lose those embarrassing kilos. These slimming agents are either supposed to burn fat or suppress the appetite. One such fat burner is Dr. Oz Raspberry Ketone. Is it effective? This post is exclusively meant to find out whether this so called ‘miracle’ fat burner is actually worth the hype or not.

Truth Behind Dr. Oz Raspberry Ketone-Miracle Fat Burner

Truth Behind Dr. Oz Raspberry Ketone-Miracle Fat Burner
Truth Behind Dr. Oz Raspberry Ketone-Miracle Fat Burner

About raspberry ketones

Red raspberries get their aroma from the ketones present in it. It has been used in cosmetics and as flavourant for ice-creams and soft-drinks. Recently it has gained popularity as a weight loss supplement.


Extracting ketones from raspberries is highly expensive. You need forty one kgs of raspberries to extract the ketones required for a single dose. That is why it is made synthetically by an industrial process. So your raspberry ketones are not actually extracted from real raspberries!! I was wondering why it has been named raspberry ketones; it should have been named ‘synthetic ketones’ 😉

What raspberry ketones claim

It is claimed that raspberry ketones cause the fat inside the cells to be broken down and help the body in faster fat burning. It is also claimed that the levels of a hormone are increased that regulate the body’s metabolism and blood sugar levels. But all these effects were found on fat cells of a rat and not even on a breathing, living rat!

The studies have been done on rats have shown that ketones have the ability to protect against weight gain. But ultimately they were performed on rats and not on humans. Moreover, the dosage of ketones for the rats were huge, the intake of which is not recommended for humans. Not convincing at all!

Are humans benefitted from raspberry ketones?

There is not a single study to back the fact that raspberry ketones can effectively burn fat in humans.

The only human study conducted used a combination of caffeine, raspberry ketones, garlic, ginger, capsaicin (compound found in chilli) and synephrine (a stimulant).

In the study participants did lose a bit of fat mass but that could have been due to the effect of the other substances consumed. So, we cannot be sure of the fact that raspberry ketones are effective fat burners.

Should you go in for this supplement?

All the odds are against Dr. Oz’s raspberry ketone supplement. The studies have not been done on humans. The recommended dosage for humans is not known and neither are its potential side effects. Most importantly, it has not found to be effective in weight loss. Some people who went in for this supplement have reported to have experienced a jittery feeling, a rapid heartbeat and an increased blood pressure.

It would be much wiser if you would spend your time and energy on other weight loss methods that really work, such as including more protein in your diet and cutting carbs.

So, even this supplement can be dismissed as an ineffective weight loss supplement.

Now you know the truth behind Dr. Oz raspberry ketone-Miracle Fat Burner!

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