Surprising Truth Behind Loss Of Fat!


Surprising Truth Behind Loss Of Fat!

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Our world seems to be obsessed with weight loss. Though health experts claim a lot of things, a new study has left everybody baffled! The research has been conducted in Sydney that calculated what exactly happens to the fat when we lose weight. It has revealed that the theories of doctors are wrong! The fat in the body doesn’t get converted into heat or energy; we actually breathe the fat out. Shocked? Well, it is shocking!

The results of the study have been published in the British Medical Journal. According to the results, 10 kilos of fat gets converted to 8.4 kilos of carbon dioxide, which gets exhaled when we breathe and 1.6 kilos of water that is excreted through our urine, sweat and other body fluids.

The lead author of the study, Ruben Meerman said in a press release that the fat is exhaled as carbon dioxide and it goes into thin air! He got interested in the weight loss biochemistry when he lost 15 kgs. He asked the doctor where his weight went and was surprised that nobody could answer his question. After talking to 150 doctors, personal trainers and dieticians, he found that more than half of them were under the impression that fat was converted into heat/energy as it is broken down by the body. Being a physicist, he knew that this notion violates the Law of Conservation of Mass. Ruben Meerman was all ready to find the precise answer and that is why he started a study.

We gain weight when the excess carbs and proteins that we have consumed get converted to trigylcerides (Triglycerides are made up of carbon, oxygen and hydrogen) and are stored inside fat cells. For weight loss, the triglycerides have to be broken down to access the carbon.

The results of the study showed that to completely breakdown 10 kg of fat, we need to breathe in 29 kilos of oxygen (and burn about 94,000 calories). The reaction produces 28 kgs of carbon dioxide and 11 kilos of water. The research team has written that according to their calculations, the lungs are the basic organ for excretion of fat.

The researchers were not able to work out what exactly happened to the fat cells during the reaction. After months of research, one researcher got a formula from a paper that got published way back in 1949. And this way they came up with a final figure of 84% of the fat molecule’s atoms being breathed out and the remaining 16% was out as water.


However, don’t get carried away thinking that by simply breathing deeply you will lose weight. You still need to exercise to get the carbon unlocked and break the fat down.

You can breathe only a fixed times in a day. On a day of rest, you breathe 12 times every minute and that is roughly 17,280 times in a day and each breath takes 10 mg of carbon. So, there is definitely a limit on how much you are going to lose in one day without exercising!

Amazed, aren’t you? All this while we have been thinking that we burn fat to lose weight and nobody thought that we are actually breathing it out! Don’t know how the health experts are going to revert to this new theory!

How was the Surprising Truth Behind Loss Of Fat?

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