Turmeric Latte – Why The West Is Going Crazy Over It?

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Turmeric Latte – The West Is Going Crazy Over It!

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Turmeric Latte or ‘Golden Milk’ has taken the Western world by the storm! Wondering what it is? Well, it is just our very desi ‘Haldi wala doodh’ that most of have an aversion to! First it was ghee, then coconut oil and now it is turmeric milk that has become the latest trend abroad. This means that Indian and South Asian food habits are indeed healthy! Well, it is time we value them.

Remember the good old childhood days when you used to get hurt and mom used to run behind you with a cup of turmeric milk. You loathed it back then but the Western world has come up with versions you will most probably like. So, what is this turmeric latte exactly? It is a very uncommon combination of nut milk and the juice of turmeric root. This drink is the much in vogue drink of 2016. Turmeric lattes are happily being sold at cafes from the US to Australia. Even UK has become a fan of this drink. In most cafes the sales of the turmeric drink have outnumbered regular lattes!

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Turmeric is a regular spice in the Indian kitchen. Curries, pulav, biriyani; you will find turmeric in all of them. After salt, turmeric is one of the most commonly added ingredients in food. It is an intrinsic part of Ayurveda, which is a holistic and completely natural approach to health. Ayurveda, a system of medicine, is as old as the Indian culture itself. The system of medicine is in practice even today. Turmeric is known to be effective in ailments as plain as a cough to something as complex as cancer. It is also given to kids suffering from fever. The usual recipe involves adding turmeric powder to milk along with a dash of pepper and ghee (this one is optional).

Turmeric latte

Turmeric latte is currently in vogue due to the health benefits it has to offer. It is an anti-inflammatory drink and is a great alternative to caffeinated drinks like coffee and tea. Both Iced versions and espresso shots of turmeric drink are sought after. It is doing rounds in the health and wellness circle. Many blogs and websites are advocating the turmeric drink. Some bakery brands have gone to extent of making turmeric biscuits and other products that has the spice in them.

The trick that makes turmeric latte taste different from the usual old-school haldi wala doodh is the use of cold-pressed juice of the turmeric root. Then instead of cow’s milk there is the use of almond milk, cashew milk or even coconut milk. Yum! For sweetening it, honey is used. Following the traditional Indian recipe, even a bit of black pepper is added to enhance the flavour of turmeric.

You can make this at home too if you are interested. Coconut milk should be easily available, pour it in a saucepan and heat it. Add turmeric powder to it along with some cinnamon and whisk it well. Add a bit of grated ginger to it if you like. Some honey would be a great idea to sweeten it. The end result will be a nice and comforting cup of modified haldi doodh!

Hope you liked reading about turmeric latte!

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