Types of Green Tea Available In India


Green tea is the blue-eyed baby in fitness world! Everybody is talking about its multiple benefits. Green tea helps in weight loss as it reduces body fat. Besides making you thinner, green tea also helps in prevention of aging owing to its antioxidants. It also fights infections and boosts brain activity. Green tea not only keeps type 2 diabetes in control but it also reduces risk of heart diseases and cancers.




Even though the drink has so many benefits, many people stay away from it, owing to its taste which does not appeal to everyone. Many people find it bitter or bland. If you are also one of those then I’ve some good news for you! Green tea is available in some appealing flavours in India. These flavours make your simple green tea a lot more delicious. Here are the five most popular types of green tea available in India-


Tulsi Green Tea

This one is widely popular as it has basil flavour which is loved by Indians. The addition of holy-basil makes tea even more potent and healthy. Some brands also make Tulsi-ginger, tulsi-lemon and some other combinations of tulsi green tea which are absolutely delightful.


Mint Green Tea

The pleasure of having mint in our daily tea is a thing that many of us will love for sure. This refreshing flavour has an amazing aroma and has the power to brighten up your mood at any time of the day. This is one of the best type of green tea available in India.


Lemon Green Tea

This is yet another inviting flavour of green tea. Many of us love lemon in our black tea and the flavour can be carried over to green tea easily. The combination of lemon and green tea will definitely speed up the weight loss.


green tea


Jasmine Green Tea

Jasmine tea is known for its cooling and calming properties. This tea has a floral fragrance and helps in relaxing. This flavour is loved by green tea fans all over the world.


Fruity Green Tea:-

If you love fruits then fruity green teas can be your foray into the world of green teas. The aroma of fresh fruits like orange and pomegranate will definitely lure you into trying green tea. The flavours of fruity green teas are are many and will keep you hooked to health.


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