7 Types Of Hunger And How To Deal With Them


7 Types Of Hunger You Did Not Know About!

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Our body is a home to 7 different types of hunger. They can influence what you eat. Don’t believe me? Just think for a moment about how your hunger gets stimulated. What triggers it? Is it emotions and your senses that make you reach the kitchen cabinet in search of a snack? You will probably notice that your appetite is linked to one of the 7 types of hunger:

1) Eye

Have you ever felt a craving just after scrolling down the pics of awesome food on the internet? It is true that we get stimulated by the look of food, i.e. lovely colours, textures, shapes and presentation are bound to trigger our appetite.

fruit sorbet healthy italian food

In order to satisfy eye hunger, you need to let your eyes feast on the food before you. Just try to first appreciate what is in front of you.

Just think why is our visual craving so strong? Why does a pretty looking tart trigger our appetite? It can be because you want to change the general scenery of your life and are in search of more colour. You can satisfy this eye hunger by appreciating the art of the pastry case and then simply moving on.

2) Nose

Smell is known to reach right the heart. The familiar smells of mom-made suji ka halwa or pakoras can trigger a craving almost instantly.

 The nose is immensely powerful but you should not let it trick you into eating stuff that you are not hungry for. If you happen to smell something good, just make a note of it and make an attempt to eat it when you are really hungry.

Try to breathe in the memory before putting it onto your plate and pause in between each bite in order to smell that aroma of your meal.

3) Mouth

There are certain flavours that can give the mouth a truly satisfying feeling. It can be your desire for sweet, spicy, salty, smooth, crunchy, hot or cold food.


Now, wonder what you are actually craving. You want something crunchy just to release tension from your mind? Or it can be due to a missing taste in the meal. For instance, highly salty meals can make you crave for sugar.

4) Stomach

This type of hunger is common as you feel it when your stomach grumbles. It is due to the release of the hunger hormone ghrelin which signals the brain that it is time to eat!

If you want to manage your weight naturally, try assessing how hungry you are before and during the meal and with how much food you feel satiated. You will be astonished to know that you feel satisfied by eating just half of what you have on your plate. It is an easy mindful eating tip to help you lose weight!

5) Cellular

When the cells of the body get depleted of nutrients, they make you feel tired, irritable, weak, lightheaded and even dizzy. Taking notice of cellular hunger will give a glimpse of what your body really needs.

veggies cooked

For you cells to do their job well, fill your plate with colourful veggies, fruits, healthy fats, whole grains and protein.

6) Mind

When the mind does not have any mental activity to do, the tendency to chew onto something starts. You simply want to eat because you are bored. It is better to slow down and take some deep breaths. Divert your mind to things other than other food. Read a book or play a puzzle. This will help a lot in controlling mindless eating.

7) Heart

cheat meal pasta

If you miss home or your loved one you might crave some kind of food, you may call it your comfort food. Such foods are linked to an emotion of yours. To fill the void in your life you start the habit of emotional eating. Notice the emotions when you crave your comfort food. You can take diversion by taking to your loved one or perhaps taking a hot bath.

Hope you liked this post of the different types of hunger!

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