Unconventional Home Remedies That Work


home-remedies that work

Unconventional Home Remedies That Work

I sincerely hope you try some of these very unconventional therapies, because I have in the past tried the ‘Duct tape for warts’ and it has worked. Now I will only write about what I know is true, and wouldn’t just for the sake of writing something. Thanks once again to the IWB team, this article helps me explore and talk about real stuff that works. But, I would ask you to do your own research and homework, before trying any of them – not every one is born the same, right!

Weird yet true

Use Duct Tape for warts

duct tape for wartsAs mentioned, I have tried this and it took two days but it worked. The tape sure has a force – a combo of dark and bright sides to it, the universe probably and it WORKS. They say it would take a week when you place the tape over the warts, but for me it was two days – untouched and kept dry. When the air source is out, the wart dries up and dies – falls off on its own.

Mosquitoes are a pesky lot

toothpaste for mosquito bite

Most of us Indians would agree with this, because we deal with the battle post sunset, driving these mini drones out of our homes. But sometimes, ouch, a sting is what we get and that can itch, especially on the palm of the hands or the sole of our feet. So what I do is to use peppermint based oil or toothpaste *big grin* on the area stung, and voila! Need I say more *bigger grin*

Ear aches

onionMy granny did this for me, but it didn’t cure it completely – my infected ear before the onion juice application was bad, hence it may have not worked. But, when she used it for my dad, it worked. As I said, we all are born different from the next – what grandma did was to boil the onion and pulp it, when it cooled down, she squeezed the juice and applied four drops to the ear drum. Dad was fine by next morning!

Chocolate for coughs

dark chocolate

Why wasn’t I given this? I have to go question my grandma in heaven when I meet her *grumpy face* – I louuuuve chocolate and I know you do as well. chocolates are a good source of antioxidants and blissful chemicals – anandamides, xanthine alkaloids and theobromine, they all help the nervous system too. Have it with coffee and you get instant relief they say; *cough cough* I need some please.

Burns relief

tea bags for burnCold teabags are an answer; mom used it when she was in her prime and now I do the same. Tea has antioxidants, especially green tea which helps fight free radicals. When free radicals are killed, the skin is safe from cancers and tumours alike. You may also choose to dip the tea bags in your bath water too.

Vodka darlings

vodkaDamn once again, although I do not have smelly feet but one of my ex’s did. I wish this could have been administered back then – darling ex hope you reading this *handsinafist*. Wait, no drinking this you; wash your feet with this and the bacteria between your stinky toes would die. Better still, can I sponsor new socks for you?

Acne trouble

aspirin for acneAspirin has salicylic acid, which helps treat acne issues. Crush a little of it and make it into a thick paste with water – apply on the affected area and the redness would diminish soon. Alternatively, you could also try banana peels and it would be safe as a remedy to use.  Peels are to be placed on the affected area for half an hour – voila new skin!

So I hope you try these remedies, only if it is minor – major issues need to be checked by a doctor please!

Be beautiful darlings, inside out!

Let us know if you know of any unconventional home remedies that work.

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