7 Unexpected Signs Of A Health Problem

Natural Remedies for Bad Breath - Solutions

Have a look at the Unexpected Signs Of A Health Problem!

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You might be someone who takes good care of herself by going to the gym regularly and eating fruits and veggies like a good child! If you are doing it all right, you may be thinking that you are absolutely healthy. And this is not very true. You might be dismissing strange signs like cravings sweets or having never-ending hiccups. Perhaps you should start listening to your body to get a glimpse of the real picture.

The body gives signals when it wants to fix a problem, whether it is dehydration or something else. You should be capable of being able to read the problem.

Listed here are some signs that the body will give you if all is not well.

1) Bad breath

Natural Remedies for Bad Breath - Solutions

Saliva is anti-bacterial in nature. When you are dehydrated, your body doesn’t have sufficient fluids and it won’t be able to produce enough saliva. As a result of this a lot of bacteria grows in your mouth resulting in bad breath.

2) Craving sweets

Ways To Control Food Cravings chocolate

Are you all of a sudden craving sweets? It is another symptom of dehydration. When your body doesn’t have sufficient water to release glycogens (the body’s energy store) you get cravings. When this happens to you, instead of going in for sweets, opt for fruits as they have high water content. The best choice is watermelon.

3) Getting easily exhausted

How To Re-energize Yourself When Tired

It is normal to get exhausted after an hour of intense workout but it is not normal if you feel like fainting after carrying a bagful of grocery of climbing two steps of stairs. Unexplained fatigue can be a sign of heart attack. Feeling tired persistently can be a symptom of liver failure or even cancer.

4) Never-ending hiccups

Hiccups-Unexpected Signs Of A Health Problem

Hiccups are usually nothing to worry about but when you can’t get rid of them, you need to check with the doctor. Constant hiccups might be a symptom of stroke or lung cancer. Other causes of constant hiccups can be tumours or herpes infection.

5) Craving for ice

chewing-ice cubes habits that damage your teeth

It may sound strange but if you crave ice, you may be having anemia. Anemia is a condition where you don’t have enough red blood cells to carry oxygen to the tissues. This is because of iron deficiency. But ice doesn’t have any nutrients in it, then why do you crave it? It is probably because your tongue hurts or is swollen.

6) Swollen/bleeding gums

white teeth smile

Gums are closely related to heart health. Having a gum problem is a symptom of heart disease, which is the leading cause of death. Gum problems can lead to bacteria entering the bloodstream and sticking to blood vessels of the heart. It can result in blood clots and possibly a heart attack.

7) Concentration problems

Depressed Woman prevent depression naturally

Not being able to concentrate is a symptom of clinical depression. If it is taking you hours to perform a simple task that usually take you 20 minutes, you are more than simply tired. If you are not able to express your thoughts (and that is something unusual), you might be depressed and not be aware of it. Your everyday life can get affected.

The bottom line is to listen to your body and pay attention to even small signs that tell you that your body is not okay.

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