Unhealthy Habits That Seem Healthy To You!


Some unhealthy habits that seem to be healthy!!

Hello All!!!

The New Year is already 2 months old and most of you must have given up your new year resolutions 😛 You must be bombarded with a whole, lot of dos and don’ts for a healthy life. Well, to clear your vision in connection with healthy living, here are some habits and health tips that seem healthy but are actually not:

Unhealthy habits That Seem Healthy To You!

1) Chewing gum

why chewing gum is bad for your health

You must have heard that in order to get rid of food cravings you should chew gum. Have you ever wondered why chewing gum makes you get bloated and feel gassy? Well, the reason is that chewing gum produces excessive air pockets that cause stomach related issues. And how can we forget that the ‘health conscious’ individuals chew sugar free gum that is usually loaded with artificial sweeteners and can worsen your sugar cravings.

2) Eating protein bars


It is almost habitual for people to grab and protein bar when they feel hungry. Though it may seem convenient, most of the store bought protein bars are high in calories, loaded with sugar and have all kinds of weird additives and preservatives. If you can’t stay without eating a protein bar, try choosing one with less than 5 g of sugar and less additives. The best thing you can do is make your own protein bar at home. Here is a DIYclick!

3) Drinking enhanced water

Vitaminwater Why Vitaminwater Is A Not A Healthy Option

You must be wondering what can be better than keeping yourself well hydrated with extra vitamins. But do you know that most of these enhanced water products are simply sugar and water in reality. They also have added colours and flavours that are not natural. You can make your own version of flavoured water by adding fruits to it. Go ahead, just give it a try.

4) Trying to avoid fat


Most of the real foods contain some amount of fat and this is awesome because our bodies need healthy fats to function properly. Fat is a great energy source. The fats eaten by us and the one produced by us from other nutrients provides us with the energy to thrive. Fat is needed to transport fat soluble vitamins A,D,E and K to places in the body where they are required. Thus, you need to consume healthy fats in your diet or else you would be missing out on a very important macro-nutrient.

5) Avoiding sun exposure


Avoiding the sun for the fear of skin cancer is not a good idea. You get vitamin D from the sun and not getting enough sun exposure can result in a lack of the vitamin. Sunlight is also the thing that wakes you up in the morning and the absence of it helps you fall asleep at night. You need a 15 to 20 min exposure to the sun every day and mornings are the best time for doing so.

Hope now you have a clearer view of what is good for you and what is not. Do make it a point to do the right thing for your health and not blindly follow what others tell you.

Hope you found this post useful and stay away from unhealthy habits!

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