Most Unhealthy Indian Breakfast Items That You Eat


Most Unhealthy Indian Breakfast Items That You Eat

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What did you have for breakfast? Was it healthy and filling? It should be healthy as your body fasts the whole night. Break your fast with something nutritious. However, not everybody in India break their fast with healthy food. There are a lot of traditional Indian breakfast items that are totally unhealthy. Find out what all falls in that category!

1) Vada Pav

Vada pav- unhealthy Indian breakfast

If you belong to Mumbai, you would very well know that vada pav is the most loved breakfast of Mumbaikar. But do you know that you are stuffing yourself with bread and deep fried potato vada. One vada pav can have around 286 calories. Not a healthy breakfast!

2) Medu Vada

Medu vada- unhealthy Indian breakfast

The very South Indian Medu Vada is not a great breakfast option. The deep fried medu vada is not easy to digest especially in the morning after fasting for hours. One plate of vada easily has 334 calories. Have it in your lunch instead. For breakfast replace the vada with idli as it is steamed.

3) Paranthas

Paranthas- unhealthy Indian breakfast

Ask any Punjabi and he will say that breakfast is incomplete without paranthas. Yes, paranthas are made up of whole wheat and are stuffed with veggies. But the way it is made matters. When it is shallow fried with lots of oil it doesn’t stay very healthy. Moreover, people with gluten intolerance will not be able to eat it. You can make it healthy by mixing the flour of other grains like ragi, bajra and the like. Instead of frying it you can make it in minimal oil.

4) Puri bhaji

Alu puri- unhealthy Indian breakfast

Hmmm, it is a much loved breakfast in India. Who can say no to puris? You either have alu ki bhaji along with it or kurma. But having deep fried puris and potaoes for breakfast is a bad idea! It is not the right way to kick start your day!

5) English breakfast


The English way of eating breakfast is catching up in India. So, you have waffles, sausages, pancakes along with coffee. Wait and have a look at your breakfast. Waffles are made out of refined flour (maida) making them extremely unhealthy. Beans from the can are not at all healthy as they are processed. Fried sausages in the morning are a bad idea. There goes your ‘healthy’ English breakfast!

6) Jalebi fafda

Jalebi fafda- unhealthy Indian breakfast

This one is a Gujrati staple. Eating this early in the morning is a total disaster! Jalebis are made out of maida and are dipped in sugar syrup, what can be worse than that? Fafadas are deep fried papads made out of besan or gram flour. Both jalebi and fafda have no nutritional value. If you really want a Gujrati breakfast have steamed Dhoklas instead.

7) Flavoured yoghurt

frozen yoghurt not healthy

The so called ‘healthy’ trend of flavoured yoghurt is catching up in the metro cities. The absolutely no nutritional value in packaged flavoured yoghurt. There are preservatives and colours added in it. It would be better to stick to homemade dahi that doesn’t have any additives and is natural!

8) Kachoris and samosas

samosa- unhealthy Indian breakfast

Well, a really good on the go breakfast. It is a huge bummer from the health point of view! Both kachoris and samosas are deep fried and have a lot of calories in them. They provide you with no nutrients at all. You need to give them a miss!!

Have fresh, nutritious and healthy food as the first meal of the day. Choose your food wisely!



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