4 Unhealthy Ways To Stay Awake During Exams


Unhealthy Ways To Stay Awake During Exams And What To Do Instead

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Many students simply put off studies for months and then stay awake all night right before the exams! Don’t look at me, I used to sleep well before exams, in fact during my boards I used to stop studying a day before the exam. It is like blowing my own trumpet, but let me tell you that I always topped the exams! Now, that is about me. There are other folks who try weird tricks and unhealthy ways to stay awake during exams to keep them awake during the exams and they are as follows:

1) Drinking lots of coffee

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Students tend to drink one mug of coffee after another hoping that the caffeine present in the coffee will help in keeping them awake and alert.

Why this idea is unhealthy?

A cup or two of coffee is okay but going in a coffee marathon is bad idea. Excess of caffeine can speed up your heart rate, cause acid reflux and make you feel jittery and restless. As it spikes your anxiety levels, you probably will not be able to study properly. It would be hard be for you to focus. Coffee is also a diuretic, meaning that it dehydrates you. If you drink a lot of coffee without hydrating yourself, you will get a bad headache.

Way out:

After the second cup of coffee, simply switch to water. Most people don’t know this but drinking water helps you stay awake. This is because your brain is made up of 80% water and drinking lots of water can help the brain function right. With insufficient water, you get headaches that make studying difficult.

2) Guzzling down energy drinks

energy-drink-bad for health

When nothing seems to work, people turn to energy drinks to stay awake.

Why this idea is unhealthy?

These energy drinks are packed with caffeine and sugar. They actually give your system a terrible jolt. The side effects of these drinks are rapid heartbeat. A rise in blood pressure, GI issues, nausea, anxiety, insomnia, panic attacks along with tooth decay. This sugar and caffeine combo is deadly as it may initially give you a boost but later will result in a major crash. It leaves you weak, exhausted and without any immunity.

Way out:

Say no to energy drinks. Drink fresh fruit juice, lemonade or coconut water to stay awake. These drinks will give you what the body needs without any side effects.

3) Skipping meals and not eating enough

fasting benefits

It is well known that when you eat a heavy meal, you will feel sleepy. This is why some people don’t eat enough and try to skip meals during exams. It is one of the most unhealthy ways to stay awake during exams.

Why this idea is unhealthy?

Your body is already under a lot of stress both physically and mentally during exams. When you deny yourself of balanced diet, you make things worse. It is essential to fuel your brain and body so that they function smoothly.

Way out:

Eat regular but small meals after every 2 ton 3 hours. Include fish, whole grains, nuts, daals, apples, berries, bananas, spinach, onion and cauliflower and are some foods that you should include in your diet plan during an exam in order to raise your energy levels and brain power.

4) Eating a lots of chocolate

mood lift chocolate

Students binge on cookies, brownies and chocolates while studying. But this practice has to stop.

Why this idea is unhealthy?

Your brain needs a little bit of sugar for it to function right but eating too much of it can lead to a lot of health problems like inflammation. The one caused by sugar is an unhealthy kind of inflammation.

Way out:

Munch on nuts as they have healthy omega 3 fats that give you energy as well as a brain power boost without any unhealthy effects.

Try to avoid Unhealthy Ways To Stay Awake During Exams switch to healthier ones.

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