FAQs About How To Use A Sunscreen

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How To Use A Sunscreen And Which Is The Right One?

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Winters have withdrawn and it is the summer that is standing at your doorstep. With the heat wave hitting India, it is that time of the year when girls and women start their frantic search for sunscreens. The biggest problem faced by these ladies is that there are so many brands of sunscreens all around, how does one known which one to choose?

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Here is a glimpse at what sunscreens are, how to use a sunscreen and how choose the right one.

1) Sun Protection Factor or SPF

In layman terms, SPF is a measure of how well a sunscreen works in protecting the skin from UV rays. SPF is between the range if 15 to 60. Now, for Indian skin which one would be better? A sunscreen with an SPF of a minimum of 20 would be sufficient. Most sunscreens in the market have a minimum SPF of 15, However, are you aware of the most glorious part of the Indian skin tone? Belonging to the brown skinned race, we naturally possess a pigment called melanin in the skin that protects us from the sun with an inbuilt SPF of 15. So, we gorgeous Indians need not buy a sunscreen of more than 19. This is the ideal protection we need from the sun.

Another frequently asked question is the following:

Is a sunscreen with a higher SPF better?

Not really, if there is a comparison between SPF 15 and 30 there is just a 4% difference in sun protection rate. In a 30 SPF and 60 SPF sunscreen there is just a 2% difference as 60 SPF offers 99 percent protection and 30 SPF offers a 97 percent protection.

Moreover, higher the SPF of the sunscreen, the stickier it is! This means a no-no for oily skinned beauties.

2) How to apply the sunscreen?

You need to apply the sunscreen 30 mins prior to heading outdoors as this is the amount of time required for the sunscreen to bind to your skin cells and get activated. No more laziness girls, wake up a good half an hour early so that you can apply the cream and sit indoors for half an hour.

3) When to reapply the sunscreen?

You need to reapply the sunscreen if you are going to be in the sun for longer than 3 hours. This is because when you sweat, the sunscreen gets diluted and gets washed off. So, in summers you need to carry around your sunscreen tube with you wherever you go!

4) Should the sunscreen be applied before makeup or after makeup?

This is one question that pops up in the mind of every woman. You need to wear your sunscreen before applying makeup. It will help in protecting the skin and will make your make-up stick on to your skin better.


So, if all your questions have been answered here what are you waiting for? You need not hesitate from stepping out in the sun anymore use a sunscreen!

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