Is Using A Standing Desk At Work Beneficial For Health?


How Beneficial Is It To Use A Standing Desk At Work?

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Are you aware of the fact that sitting too much can be bad for your health? People who tend to sit all the time have more chances of heart disease, diabetes and an early death. Moreover, you burn very less calories if you sit the whole day. Studies have linked too much of sitting to obesity and weight gain.

This is a huge issue for professionals who have sit down and work on their desk the whole day. However, the good news is that standing desks are increasingly becoming popular nowadays.

A standing desk-What is it?

benefits of a standing desk

A standing desk is one that allows you to work while standing up comfortably. The modern versions are adjustable so that the height of the desk can be changed and you can chose to sit and stand alternatively. They are also called sit-stand desks. Though research is still in its initial stages and it appears that a standing desk has some impressive health benefits to offer. It is also known to increase productivity.

Using A Standing Desk At Work Beneficial For Health -How?

Benefits of a standing desk that are backed by science, here you go!

1) Risk of weight gain and obesity can be lowered by standing

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You gain weight when you burn ingest more number of calories than you burn and weight loss occurs when you burn more calories than you consume. While exercising is the most effective way of burning carries fast but choosing to stand instead of sitting down can also be of help. You can burn 170 additional calories if you stand in an afternoon work session instead of sitting and it almost amounts to 1000 more calories burned each week! This is probably why sitting is linked to obesity and diseases.

2) Use of a standing desk lowers blood sugar levels

diabetes- how to control blood suagr levels

Generally, the more your blood sugar levels rise after a meal, the worse it is for health. This is in particularly true for those having insulin resistance or type 2 diabetes. Studies say that when you use a standing desk, you can lower levels of blood sugar, especially post lunch.

3) Standing reduces the risk of heart disease

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The idea that standing is better for heart health was initially proposed in the year 1953! One study found that bus conductors who kept standing all day had lesser risk of heart-disease related deaths when compared to the bus drivers who sat all day. From that day, scientists are in search of the link between sitting and heart health. It is said that spending more time standing is quite beneficial for your heart health.

4) Standing desks help in reducing back pain

backache among teens seating

One of the common complaints of those working on a seated desk is back pain. In order to find out if standing desks can ward off back pain, numerous studies have been done. The participants have said that they felt a 32 percent improvement in lower back pain after using the standing desks for several weeks. In another study a sit-stand desk reduced neck and upper back pain by 54%.

5) Mood and energy levels get improved with standing desks

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Standing desks provide a positive influence on an individual’s well-being. People are reportedly less stressed out, have more energy and vigour throughout the day!

6) Standing desks help boost productivity

Attitude Is The Key To Successful Weight Loss

People might be concerned that working on a standing desk can hinder their tasks. However, studies reveal that standing desks don’t affect daily tasks such as typing. Using a standing desk may actually help boost productivity in the long run.

7) You will live longer by standing

Are you sitting too much

Research suggests that there exists a strong link between increased time spent sitting and early death. Sitting is also linked to many diseases. So, if you spend more time standing, you reduce the risk of dying early and getting diseases! This way you will live longer!

Do adopt this lifestyle change!

Hope you found this post useful!

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