5 Vacation Mistakes You Should Avoid!


Vacation Mistakes You Should Avoid!


Vacation time is one of the biggest joys on this planet! It time for you to unwind and break the mechanical, clockwork life you are leading. You head to picturesque locations juts to discover yourself. You can sleep in well into the morning and not worry about heading to office. You can just stare at the ceiling of your hotel room and enjoy listening to your favourite genre of music. However, the real fun of a vacation would get lost if you happen to commit the following common mistakes:

Vacation Mistakes

1) Sharing too many pics on social media

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It is far better to relax and consume the beautiful surroundings of the destination than to worry about clicking pictures for posting on social media. You are here to get some solace and not to show off on social media. It is good click pics of your holiday to enjoy later but in that quest you should not lose the present moment. One kind advice, stay away from social media during your vacation. Don’t try to know what all is happening on Facebook or twitter. Return from your vacation and then know what is happening on the virtual world!

2) Turning it into a work vacation

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Are you someone who is guilty of checking official mails when out for a vacation? Some people even sit and reply to official mails. Nooo! This should not be done when you are off on a vacation. It will cause you unnecessary anxiety and probably ruin your holiday mood. You should take your ‘break’ from work seriously or else people at office will take you for granted.

3) Unhealthy snacking

No junk

Okay! So, it is holiday time! But this does not mean that you should gorge on whatever unhealthy stuff you see. You can go ahead and enjoy local cuisine but you also need to make sure that you snack on enough amounts of fibrous foods to get your digestive system working. For that to happen, you need to have a plate of salad with your meal. Your list of must-haves should also have probiotics. Having a troubled gut is the last thing you want on your vacation.

4) Not drinking sufficient fluids


Whatever the weather may be, your body needs fluids to function properly. It is not necessary that you drink only water to stay hydrated. You can drink lemon water, freshly squeezed fruit juices, buttermilk or coconut water.

5) Not sleeping enough

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A well rested body is said to be of prime importance. If you don’t sleep enough, you will soon start feeling tired and won’t be able to enjoy your vacation the way you want to. Staying sleep deprived has an impact on your brain activity too. So, take the right amount of rest. However, don’t go over-bored and start oversleeping.

So, the above were the vacation mistakes that you should not commit. But here is something that you should do.

Stay close to nature

Forest - hiking benefits fo the brain

There have been a lot of studies that say being with nature helps in soothing your mind and improving your mental ability. So, you need to venture out instead of locking yourself in the hotel room and downing glass after glass of wine or watching TV. Even taking a dip in the pool at the hotel is not ‘the real thing’. Venture out into the woods or whatever is there nearby. It will be a new experience for you. Go ahead and feel the place. Let it be food for the soul.

Hope you won’t commit these vacation mistakes!

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