Vaginal odors-Types and possible causes


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Vaginal odors-Types and possible causes

You must have read an earlier post by Tarun about Vaginal odour and that it is healthy and natural for your vagina to have an odor, even if its hardly noticeable. What you smell like down there depends on the kind of lifestyle you lead, and also on what you eat! And different vaginas do have different odors. And a change in how your vagina smells can be related to bacterial infections, STDs, and  the kind of feminine care and beauty products you use.

But, but, but. There are some odors that you need to look out for because it may be a sign of an infection or other vaginal health conditions.

 Distinct odors and their causes

  • Musky

Your vagina will definitely smell musky if you’ve been active the whole day. This kind of smell is nothing but sweat! Don’t worry about a musky smell, too much. A shower should get rid of the smell.

  • Fishy

A strong, foul smell that reminds you of fish may be sign of a bacterial infection. You may also notice an increase in your vaginal discharge, and also a change in its colour. The infection could be bacterial, or a STD and the odor may get fouler after you have sex. This kind of smell should definitely be checked out by a doctor.

  • Yeasty

You may notice a strong yeasty smell akin to rotting bread. This will be accompanied by thick creamy discharge. A yeasty smell is due to a yeast infection, which happens if there is excessive growth of yeast in your genitals.

  • Food

Your vagina may sometimes smell of the food you eat. You may smell onions, garlic, pomegranate, lemons and so on. Sometimes these smells will be sweet ( specially when you have fruits like strawberries and pineapples) at other times these smell foul! ( garlic and broccoli give out really bad smells!)

  • Metallic

This will happen during and after your period and its nothing to worry about. A vagina that smells like blood during your periods is a healthy vagina.

healthy vagina

  • Bleachy

You may also feel as if your vagina reminds you of a chlorinated pool it might be due to some beauty products you may be using to douche your private parts. Changing the products you use may reduce the bleachy smell.

  • A general foul stench

All foul stenches can be associated with bacterial infections, or a disbalance in your vaginal ph

Possible causes of the vaginal odour

  • Infections and STDs

  • Disturbance in vaginal ph balance

  • Foreign things stuck in your vagina like condoms and tampons

  • Contraceptive devices

  • Vaginal cancer

  • Uterine Cancer

  • Cervical Cancer

  • Bowel cancer

Prevention and treatment

Many times foul odors have a simple reason- hygiene! Use mild products to clean your private parts, but also make sure you don’t over do it as this could  disturb the PH balance too.

Any smell that indicates infection ( change in color and texture of your discharge, redness or rashes, irritation and burning sensation) should be checked out by a gynecologist.

So do you know all about vaginal odors now?

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