Vegetable Kabab With Cottage Cheese Recipe


Vegetable Kabab With Cottage Cheese Recipe

Hello Everyone,

I tried out Vegetable Kabab With Cottage Cheese Recipe to prevent myself from eating Tikkis on 1 week no junk challenge. It came out delicious and on popular demand, I am sharing the recipe. Thank you everyone for liking the recipe so much. I apologize for the delay in posting! Let’s not delay more and get going 🙂

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Vegetable Kabab With Cottage Cheese Recipe – Steps

1. Mince all the vegetables that you are going to use – zuchhini, beans, carrots, cauliflower and spinach. You can increase the quantity of vegetables that you like and decrease the rest. I used approximately 400 grams of total vegetables since I was trying this recipe for the first time.

2. Grate cottage cheese and cheese.

3. Steam all the veggies in microwave or pressure cooker. You can also saute them. I prefer steamed vegetables so I did not saute. This step is to make the vegetables soft enough so that we can make round balls of kababs from them.

4. Let the vegetables cool down a bit.

5. Add cottage cheese and cheese to it and mix.

6. Add salt and pepper. You can also use green chilli. I imagined my kababs to be of soft mild and creamy taste, I skipped chillies.

8. This is a bit of tricky step now. Add 2-3 tablespoons of cream and just a little bit of gram flour and mix.

9. The mixture should be just right to make round kabaabs from them. If its too brittle, add a bit more cream or gram flour. I added more cream and very less gram flour, less than half a tea spoon. The cheese and cottage cheese that we have already put in the mixture, serve as a binding agent that holds the mixture together.

10. Make round kababs from the mixture.

11. Heat a non stick pan with 2 table spoon of oil.

12. Gently place kababs in the pan. The kababs are creamy and soft, so be careful while placing them in the pan.

13. Cook on medium flame. I placed the kababs when pan was hot, cooked 1 side of medium flame. Turn the kababs , slow the flame and cover the pan.

14. Let the kababs cook for 3-4 minutes until they turn brown.

Tadaaa, Vegetable Kababs are ready 🙂 ! You can serve them with coriander and mint chutney or dip of your choice. Make the dip a bit spicy since kababs are soft and creamy!

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More recipes coming soon!



Hope you liked this Vegetable Kabab With Cottage Cheese Recipe!

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