Top Vegetarian Indian Foods High in Protein


Vegetarian Indian Foods High in Protein

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We all know that it is very important to include sufficient amounts of protein in your diet to stay healthy. What comes to your mind when you think of protein-rich Indian foods? Well, let’s keep the eggs and chicken tikkas aside because this post is for the vegetarians out there!

Check out the vegetarian Indian foods high in protein below. They will fit perfectly into any kind of diet plan!

1) Coconut

Wait, how come coconut is on this list? Well, you may not be aware but a 100 g serving of coconut has a good 3.3 g of protein. You can either chew on coconut as it is or add it to your dishes. Coconut is very commonly found in south Indian dishes. So, you also try adding them to whatever you cook for the extra protein punch!

2) Lassi

This one is a must when you want to quench your thirst when the sun’s heat is mercilessly high. This yogurt-based drink keeps you cool in summers and at the same time contains a good amount of protein.

3) Roasted Channa

Vegetarian Indian Foods High in Protein

The roasted channa is a cheap snack and loaded with protein. If you are inclined towards losing weight and wish to gain some muscle, you need to consume a handful of roasted channa every day.

Now, get ready for some high-protein veg dishes that are easy to make and absolutely delicious!

1) Rajma masala

There is always a wide smile on everyone’s face when rajma is there on the menu! Rajma is a great source of protein and a great option for those who avoid eggs or meat.

2) Palak Paneer

This classic protein-rich Indian dish combines palak and paneer which is quite a treat for the tastebuds and is low in calories. It is also a good source of dietary fibre that keeps a check on your hunger.

3) Sprouted moong Bhel

Sprouted moong dal is highly nutritious and rich in protein. However, you may not find many fans of this sprouted dal. Just dice some tomatoes and onions into the sprouts along with coriander leaves, a dash of chaat masala, and some Sev on top. You will find a lot of people flocking towards the bowl!

4) Buckwheat Dosa

If you are not interested in having oats for breakfast, you can try making buckwheat or Kuttu dosas. Kuttu is well known for its high protein content. Dosas made out of it will be the best way to kick-start your morning! Moreover, it doesn’t take much time to prepare these Kuttu dosas.

Final thoughts

Vegetarians need not worry about their protein intake as there are so many plant-based high protein options. It is not mandatory to eat fish, eggs, and chicken to fulfill the protein needs of the body. Moreover, the vegetarian options are not boring at all! Now, if someone asks you where you get your protein from, you won’t look clueless anymore because you have all the answers.

Hope you found this list of Vegetarian Indian Foods High in Protein useful!


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