Top 5 Vipassana Meditation Centres in India


Top 5 Vipassana Meditation Centres in India

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Let me ask you a question. Are you at deep peace within? If no, I guess you need a break from your mechanical life. You see there is a difference between living and existing. You would have heard about vipassana meditation. There are retreats running in India that offer courses in vipassana meditation. You can think of visiting these places when you plan your next spiritual holiday.

What exactly is vipassana meditation?

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Vipassana meditation is an old Buddhist meditation technique that strengthens and sharpens mindfulness in day to day life. The term ‘vipassana’ means the ability to see things the way they really are. It involves introspection, insight as well as intuitive wisdom.

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Here is a list of the top 5 vipassana meditation centres in India,

1) Dhamma Giri, Igatpuri

Dhamma Giri, which means ‘Hill of Dhamma’, is the largest meditation centres in the world. It is located in a town called Igatpuri, 45 kms from Nashik at the Vipassana Research Institute. It is 136 km away from Mumbai and is located on the Mumbai-Agra highway. The centre has about 400 cells for individual meditation. Every year lakhs of students attend the courses of this institute. They also conduct introductory residential courses of 10 days. There are both single and double room facilities. Food too is provided to the occupants.

2) Dhamma Sikhara, Dharamshala

‘Dhamma Sikhara’ means ‘Peak of dhamma’. It is a beautiful place that comprises of 3 acres of awesome deodar forests and is about situated at a height of 2000 mtrs in the Himalaya. The serene location is the ideal spot for someone who wants to meditate in the mountains. The centre can accommodate 45 males and 43 females. From April to November, every month two 10 day courses are conducted. The accommodation comprises of temporary corrugated sheet sheds and plastic sheets as walls. As a large number of foreign visitors throng the place, they have a multi-lingual Dhamma hall that enables students to listen to the discourses in seven different languages.

3) Dhamma Bodhi, Bodh Gaya

The term Dhamma Bodhi means ‘Enlightment of Dhamma’, and it is situated in the South of Bihar in Bodh Gaya. The centre sprawls over an area of 18 acres having a well looked after fruit and vegetable garden. It can accommodate a total of 80 students with single and double room cottages along with attached bathrooms. They offer 10 day courses beginning at 1st and 16th of each month.

4) Dhamma Pattana, Mumbai

Dhamma Pattana refers to ‘Harbour of Dhamma’. It is located on a hill overlooking the beach town of Gorai. In Dhamma Pattana vipassana courses for 10 days are conducted especially for business executives, government officials and professionals. The place has a completely modern infrastructure with all residential rooms equipped with air-conditioning and western facilities. If you happen to be someone who is stressed out due to the fast pace of life, you need to head to this place for some peace and quiet for 10 days.

5) Dhamma Setu, Chennai

Dhamma Setu, means ‘Bridge of Dhamma’. It is situated in the green paddy fields and farmlands a little out of Chennai city. The centre can accommodate 96 males and 48 females in spacious rooms with attached bathrooms. The main hall can accommodate 120 meditators at a time and the pagoda complex has 150 seperate cells for meditating. The residents are provided with vegetarian food. They have special courses for kids too.

Visiting any of the above meditation centres soon?

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