7 Vision And Glasses Related Myths Busted!


7 Vision And Glasses Related Myths Busted!

Hello people!

There are a lot myths associated with vision and wearing glasses. Let us get them cleared without much delay! Here we go!

Myth 1: You vision will deteriorate over time if you wear reading glasses.

Reality: Glasses are just an aid to improve vision and they won’t make your eyesight deteriorate. As you age, it does become harder to see close ups. If you need stronger reading powers with the passing time, you need not fret as the glasses haven’t themselves made your vision worse.

Myth 2: If you have power and you don’t wear glasses then your vision will deteriorate faster.

Reality: If you happen to wear reading glasses, the only side effects of not wearing them are blurriness and distortion. When you try focusing without glasses, your vision will not get deteriorated though it can cause eyestrain or squinting. The effects of not wearing your glasses are just temporary and at most can result in discomfort.

Myth 3: Wearing glasses will make your eyes stronger

Reality: When you wear reading glasses, your vision gets clearer but that doesn’t have any effect on you prescription. Simply said, by just wearing glasses you cannot cure bad vision.

Myth 4: Sitting too close to the television screen can harm your eyes.

sitting close to tv- vision and glasses related myths busted

Reality: This is one rumour that has been doing rounds since the 1960s when TV sets used to emit mild level of radiation. These days TVs come with proper shielding and radiation is not an issue anymore. However, sitting in front of the TV screen for long hours can cause discomfort such as irritation, eyestrain, watery or dry eyes. If you have to sit in front of digital devices for long hours, try wearing computer glasses.

Myth 5: You can improve your eyesight by eating carrots

Reality: If someone already has a poor eyesight, eating carrots will not help regain clear vision. However, carrots are loaded with nutrients like vitamin A that are known to protect eyes. Vitamin A reduces the impact of cataracts and age related macular degeneration.

Myth 6: If you see fine, you needn’t go for regular eye exams

Reality: It is great to have perfect vision! However, you should know that many eye and vision issues don’t have symptoms. This makes it important to get an eye check up done on a regular basis by your optometrist so that you can stay healthy with advancing age.

Myth 7: Reading in dim light will result in poor eyesight


Reality: You won’t turn blind if you read in the dark, the only thing is that it will be harder to see what you are reading. In low light, your eyes do 2 things:

  • Relaxing in order to collect as much light as possible
  • Contracting to focus on what you are reading

Reading in dim light can make your eyes get tired and strained and as a result they may be sore, dry or watery. You can also suffer from headaches. Reading in the dark is quite bothersome but the symptoms are just temporary and will not cause damage to your eyesight in the long term.

Hope most vision and glasses related myths have been busted.



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