Why Vitaminwater Is A Not A Healthy Option?


Why Vitaminwater Is A Not A Healthy Option?

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Did you happen to come across a drink called Vitaminwater? It has added vitamins and minerals in it and is marketed as a healthy drink. I saw it in the supermarket recently. The name of the drink is pretty catchy and any health conscious person is bound to stop and have a look at it.

Vitaminwater Why Vitaminwater Is A Not A Healthy Option

Though marketed as a health drink, the reality is that Vitaminwater is packed with added sugar. And you must be quite aware of the fact that added sugar can be severely harmful when consumed in excess. Also, no one needs the nutrients that are added to Vitaminwater.

The beverage has attractive names such as, “focus,” “refresh,” “endurance,” “defence” and “essential.”

It has added vitamins and minerals along with natural colours and flavours. As already mentioned above, it is loaded with added sugar which can cause a lot of health issues.

Vitaminwater also have a product line named “Zero”, which has no added sugar. It is sweetened by a sweet compound extracted from stevia.

I am presenting you with the main reasons why Vitaminwater is not a healthy choice. However, the first 3 reasons don’t hold good for “Zero” range.

1) Vitaminwater is loaded with liquid sugar and contains as much fructose as present in cola.

A 591 ml of bottle Vitaminwater has about 120 calories, 32 gms of sugar (omg!) that is just 50% less than coke. The type of sugar used differs from country to country. In the US, Vitaminwater is sweetened with crystalline fructose and cane sugar. In other countries cane sugar is chiefly used.

Are sugary drinks bad for health-soft drinks

Crystalline fructose is almost pure fructose (about 98%) and is it a real baddie. Cane sugar contains fifty percent of glucose and fifty percent of fructose. A bottle of the drink in the US may have the same amount of fructose that is present in a bottle of regular coke. Studies show that fructose in added sugar is what causes all the harm and not glucose.

2) Beverages with added sugar are fattening

Talking about both weight gain and weight loss, what you drink matters equally as what you eat. When you happen to drink liquid sugar calories, the body does not make up for it by consuming lesser of other foods. With time, this can lead to weight gain and obesity and a risk of other diseases.

Consuming sugar sweetened drinks is the world’s biggest risk factor for obesity. Vitaminwater is just another sugary beverage!

3) Beverages with added sugar increase risk of several diseases

Sugar has a key role to play in obesity and chronic diseases. It is highly recommended that you keep the sugar intake below 10% or even better 5% of the total calories you consume.

When you consume a 2500 calorie diet, 10% of calories mean 62 g of sugar and 5% means 31 g of sugar. As one bottle of Vitaminwater has 32 g of added sugar in it, so it provides 50 to 100% of the daily recommended upper limit for added sugar.

sugary drinks bad for health- child drinking fizzy drink

Added sugar is linked with type 2 diabetes, heart disease, tooth decay, metabolic syndrome and also cancer.

Fructose is mainly the culprit. Too much fructose consumption can result in an increase in blood cholesterol and triglycerides, increased blood pressure, increase in insulin resistance, building up of fat around organs and an increased risk of fatty liver disease.

The above are the main risk factors for obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

4) Vitaminwater has micronutrients that people are already getting in sufficient amounts

All kinds of Vitaminwater have B-vitamins and vitamin C. Some types have vitamin A and E too along with minerals. You see, B vitamins and vitamin C are water soluble in nature and a person’s diet doesn’t lack in it. Consuming more of the vitamins doesn’t offer any health benefit. The nutrients don’t get stored, they simply get washed out of the body through urine.

There can be people who lack vitamin B12 and folate but they should get it from real food and not from sugary beverages.

5) Excess of nutrients are not always better

Talking about nutrition, more is not better always. Though vitamins and minerals are a crucial part of a healthy diet, you shouldn’t overdo the supplementing part. Consuming excess of vitamin A and E can be harmful. You see, excess of everything is bad!

The bottom line is that Vitaminwater is not a healthy beverage, it is just another sugar loaded drink. You may call it a ‘slightly less wicked’ version of coke!

Are you convinced that Vitaminwater Is A Not A Healthy Option?

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